UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies



This page lists Prof Joe Cain's taught modules on offer at UCL.

BSc teaching (UGT - undergraduate)

HPSC Module Title  Web 2017-18
HPSC2013 Evolution in Science and Culture link YES
HPSC3009 Science and the Publishing Industry  link YES
HPSC3050 Science in Nineteenth Century London link NO - not in 2017-18
HPSC3051 Zoos in Science and Culture link NO - not in 2017-18
Dissertations and research projects  link YES

MSc teaching (PGT - postgraduate)

HPSC Module Title  Web 2017-18
HPSCGA01 Introduction to Science and Technology Studies link YES: Term 1
HPSCGA24 Science in the Nineteenth Century link YES: Term 2
HPSCGA98 Research project  link YES: Term 3 and summer

Prof JoeCain's Guides for citations

  • guide to citing printed sources (pdf)
  • guide to citing Web sources (pdf)

What do the student evaluations say?

"This is the best module I have ever taken...thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Joe is a fantastic lecturer...and really engages and encourages thoughts from everyone...I wish more modules were like this where you are applying knowledge to real life situations...and which included trips to see engagement for your own eyes...Thank you for an incredible 10 weeks..." (For HPSC3051)