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Prof Cain's research interests include the history of evolutionary studies, Darwin and Darwinism, history of science in London, history of natural history and natural history films.
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Where is Piltdown?

Where is Piltdown?

The Web is full of commentaries about Piltdown Man and its exposure as a fraud. But where is the original locality? The exact location - the spot on the map - is well known to specialists. If you're looking to find it, details here. The locality is not open to the public, located on private land.

The location is "Barkham Manor, East Sussex".

The geology of the locality is described in:
Edmunds, FH. 1955. "9. The Geology of the Piltdown Neighbourhood," Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History). Geology 2(6):273-275. (download figure 7, jpg 450K)

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