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Robert Grant Lecture

The annual Robert Grant Lecture is held in honour of Professor Robert Edmond Grant (born 11 November 1793 in Edinburgh; died 23 August 1874 at home, 2 Euston Grove, more). Grant was a zoologist, an expert on comparative anatomy, an evolutionist, and a political radical.

This annual lecture is organised by UCL Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy (more), with support from several UCL units, including the Department of Science and Technology Studies (more). 

Normally these lectures are held in November, celebrating Grant's birthday. (Number 16 was delivered in March.) The series was initiated by Helen Chatterjee to mark the relaunch of the Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy in 1997. 

number year lecturer and title
21 2017 Kate Jones
20 2016

Georgiana Mace

Nature for Us?

19 2015 Helen Chatterjee
Adventures in Gibbon-ology
18 2014

Anjali Goswani

Why aren't there any marsupial whales?

17 2013 (Nov)

Paul Upchurch

Fossils, climate change and the future of life on Earth

16 2013 (Feb)

Joe Cain

Darwin in London

15 2011

Roger Wooton

Zoology and mythology: looking at angels, fairies and dragons

14 2010

Steve Jones

Soft but not floppy; the art of science and the science of art

13 2009

James Moore

Darwin's Progress And The Problem Of Slavery

12 2008

Hugh Torrens

Mary Anning: The greatest fossilist the world ever knew

11 2007

John van Wyhe

Rediscovering Darwin: The real story of Darwin's finches

10 2006

Marek Kohn

“Then at once I seemed to see the whole effect of this…” Imagining the power of natural selection

09 2005

Michael Ruse

Darwin or Design? Reporting from the front lines of America's struggle over evolution

08 2004

Pietro Corsi

Not alone, not the first: Lamarck and the first debate on the history of life, 1780-1802

07 2003

Joe Cain

Underneath the Scopes Trial: Why so many Americans hate evolution

06 2002

Janet Browne

Darwin as Caricature

05 2001

Peter Bowler

[Science and Religion]

04 2000

Martin Rudwick

Georges Cuvier’s paper museum of fossil bones

03 1999

Brian Gardiner

02 1998

Adrian Desmond

The Radical Evolutionist Robert Grant: The Trials of Darwin's Teacher

01 1997

Stephen Jay Gould