UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


22 Gordon Square


The Department of Science and Technology Studies is located in 22 Gordon Square. Now integrated into the UCL Bloomsbury campus, it was not always so. This page sketches the building's history.

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Part of Gordon Square

Gordon Square was built after Russell Square and Bedford Square. It was intended to form a pair of squares, together with Tavistock Square. The land was leased by the Duke of Beford’s Estate. This was part of a major extension of London north from Holborn and Russell Square. Building began in 1820. Not all the original buildings on Gordon Square were completed at the same time.

The builder was Thomas Cubitt, famous for a novel form of business organisation in which all aspects of building – materials, transport, labour, and design – were undertaken within the company rather than hired from subcontractors.

The east side (nos. 36-46 and 55-59) of Gordon Square was completed 1824-25 and original elements can be seen today. The west side was completed c. 1850, with a heavier Italianate facade (nos. 16-25 and 47-53). Compare both sides of Gordon Square with those on the east side of Torrington Square (1821-24) and Woburn Square (c. 1829). Tavistock Square retains some original facades on the west side (nos. 29-45).


Notable past occupants of 22 Gordon Square

1898-1900 Rev. Henry Wace (1836-1924), dean of Canterbury. Frequent contributor to The Times. Appointed Principal of Kings College London 1883-1897. Became Dean of Canterbury in 1903. (Survey of London 21:94)


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