Cain, Joe

Head of Department, and
Professor of History and Philosophy of Biology

Prof Cain's research interests include the history of evolutionary studies (especially the synthesis period in evolutionary studies), Darwin and Darwinism, history of science in London, and history of natural history.

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Wallis's Guides. 1813-1841

Euston Grove as seen in successive editions of Wallis's Guide for Strangers through London

Wallis's Guide for Strangers was the A to Z of its day - a essential tool for visitors to the metropolis. Successive editions track the growth of many parts of the city, including the area north of Euston Square.


Wallis's Guide for Strangers Through London and Westminster (1813).


Wallis's Guide for Strangers, Through London, and Its Environs (1821).


Wallis's Guide for Strangers Through London (1826).


Wallis's Guide for Strangers Through London (1841).

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