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Joe Cain and Michael Ruse (editors). 2009. Descended from Darwin: Insights into the History of Evolutionary Studies, 1900-1970 (Philadelphia: PA: American Philosophical Society. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, volume 99, part 1).

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ISBN: 978-1-60618-991-7
ISSN: 0065-9746
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Publisher: APS
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Cain, Joe, ed. 2004. Exploring the borderlands: documents of the Committee on Common Problems of Genetics, Paleontology, and Systematics, 1943-1944. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society. 94: xlii + 160. 
Cain, J. (ed) 2007. Sewall Wright Taught Me (London: Euston Grove Press), 3 volumes. 
volume 1: Evolution
volume 2: Genetics
volume 3: Physiological Genetics
Cain, J. (ed) 2007. Regular Contact With Anyone Interested. Documents of the Society for the Study of Speciation. 2nd edition (London: Euston Grove Press), 103p.