Cain, Joe

Head of Department, and
Professor of History and Philosophy of Biology

Prof Cain's research interests include the history of evolutionary studies (especially the synthesis period in evolutionary studies), Darwin and Darwinism, history of science in London, and history of natural history.

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Dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park

June 2013, Museum of London

The famous ‘monsters’ in Crystal Palace have been on display since the park opened in 1854. These are the first life-sized three-dimensional sculptures of dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts, but there is a lot more to them than meets the eye. Discover the ideas behind them with science historian Professor Cain.Prof Joe Cain contributes on the "Lunch Hour Lectures on tour," series at The Museum of London.

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Save the dinosaurs

Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs is underway (more). 

Visit the Park

Visit the dinosaurs (and other statues) in Crystal Palace Park (more).

Find out more

Prof Joe Cain has been involved in a publishing project to make available the original 1854 guides to Crystal Palace Park and the famous statues. Details are available via Euston Grove Press.

Owen 1854 guide to dinosaursspacerspacer

Owen, Richard. 1854. Geology and Inhabitants of the Ancient World  (London: Euston Grove Press), 48 pages. 2013 facsimile edition. (link)

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