Cain, Joe

Head of Department, and
Professor of History and Philosophy of Biology

Prof Cain's research interests include the history of evolutionary studies (especially the synthesis period in evolutionary studies), Darwin and Darwinism, history of science in London, and history of natural history.

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+442076793041 (intl)
Twitter: @profjoecain

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PhD supervisions

Yin Chung Au's 2012 poster at UCL Graduate Research Poster Competition

This page provides information for those interested in PhD research under my supervision.

current supervisions

Anzures, Tona. 3rd
Au, Yin Chung. 1st 
Dobson, Elizabeth. 1st
Smith, Paul. 2nd
Wilson, Jennifer. 1st

completed PhDs

Dr Huang, Hsiang-Fu, 2015
Dr David Tiera Serrano,  2011
Dr Norberto Serpente, 2011
Dr Christine Aicardi, 2010
Dr Allan Jones, 2010
Dr Louise Jarvis, 2009
Dr Jennifer Marie, 2004
Dr Leigh Bregman, 2003
Dr John Waller, 2001

study in STS

Applicants for PhD places under my supervision are welcome.
Contact me <> for advice.

I strongly advise you to discuss research plans with me well before application deadlines. This will ensure adequate time for processing at UCL prior to the submission deadline. Please plan ahead!

For general advice, I recommend:
Estelle Phillips and Derek Pugh. How to get a PhD. Order via here

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