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HPSC3033 Communicating Science in Digital Environments

Digital Communication

This module is open to students in all departments, especially STS, Natural Sciences and Human Sciences. Students should consider HPSC3003 (Term 1) in preparation, although there are no pre-requisites for the course. In 2014/15 this will be a Term 2 course. Specific timetable information is available via the UCL Common Timetable.

This module focuses on creative and exciting contemporary approaches to communicating scientific topics via digital means. Teaching focuses on new media and online communication mechanisms, for example podcasting, blogging, social media and/or Citizen Science approaches. Existing global patterns of Internet use will be explored, including both demographic and device-oriented trends (such as the rise of mobile Apps). Students will critique contemporary examples of projects that utilise digital environments, as well as develop their own ideas. Across the module practical opportunities to explore the various techniques will be balanced with conceptual models of effective communication.

There are no pre-requisites for this module and there are no expectations of existing skills levels (especially no required programming skills) prior to starting the course.  We will cover all necessary skills and content within the module, although obviously an interest in communicating scientific topics, and especially via digital environments, would be advantageous.

The drop-down menus below contain further information about the course, including specific details relating to student feedback and recommendations relating to the most recent time this course ran (2011/12).

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