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Public Engagement

Bright Club

As a good pragmatist, I strongly believe that philosophy should be at the service of life. One of the most effective ways to make this happen is by engaging the public in philosophical discourse.

My work on the relations between art and science is particularly useful to convey philosophical concepts in a simple, engaging and effective way. With the support of the UCL Public Engagement Unit, I have embarked on the ambitious task of bringing the history and philosophy of science and art on stage in a variety of ways, ranging from performance to stand-up comedy, and there is more coming up – so watch this space!

My most memorable performances so far:

Off The Shelf at UCL. Photo by Adam Holland

“An Imaginary Dialogue between a Feyerabendian Anarchist and a Dadaist Anti-Philosopher” (with Ian J. Kidd, Durham University), live performance for the event “Off the Shelf” (UCL Beacons for Public Engagement), organized by the Slade Word Image Forum, UCL Cloisters, 22 March 2010.

Hidden Treasures

“What Art Books Will Never Tell You About Art”, Bright Club - The Thinking Person’s Variety Club, The Wilmington Arms, 21 July 2010.

"Picasso's Hidden Treasures", Bright Club, the Bloomsbury Theatre (sold out!), 26 October 2010

Bright Club Guardian

Read a short interview on my experience with public engagement here

...And on the "serious" side of Public Engagement:

"Public Engagement Through Stand-Up Comedy?", presented at the Conference "125 Years of Communication and Popularization of Science", Zagreb (9-10 December 2010).

I have contributed to the panel on " Festivals and Nightclubs" with a presentation on Bright Club at the British Interactive Group Conference, Bristol (20-21 July 2011)

Bright Club

...and I have presented an eight-minutes stand-up set on artists' uses and misuses of the concept of the Fourth Dimension at the British Science Association Conference in London (26 July 2011). Now, that was scary.

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