UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


STS research seminar series 2016-17

Every year, STS holds a series of research seminars to discuss research with our colleagues around the country, and around the world. These seminars are recorded, and they can be viewed here or via the STSUCL YouTube channel.

STS Seminar - Dr Billy Wheeler: Robot Testimony

STS's Dr. Billy Wheeler provides a fascinating seminar, discussing whether robots might be capable of providing legal testimony.

2nd November - Dr Roland Jackson (Royal Institution): The Case of John Tyndall

Dr Roland Jackson of the Royal Institution discusses the case of 19th Century scientific advisor to the government, John Tyndall.

16th November - Prof.Sharon Ruston (Lancaster): Humphry Davy & the Safety Lamp Priority Dispute

Prof. Sharon Ruston (Lancaster University) discusses the dispute over the invention of the miner's safety lamp, and the input and debate from Davy, Stephenson and Clanny into the various forms of lamp produced.

7th December - Dr Patricia Fara

Dr Patricia Fara (President of the BSHS) presents a fascinating talk on changing attitudes to women, work and academia during the wars, and the effect on societal attitudes afterwards.

14th December - Dr. Melanie Smallman: Science, Public and Post-truth Politics

With the final STS Seminar of 2016, Dr Melanie Smallman discusses the differences between the public and expert interpretations of science, and the effect this may be having in the current political climate.

1st February - Prof. Peter Bowler: Prophets of Progress?

Prof. Peter Bowler (Queen's) continues the STS Seminar series with a look at prediction in Science Fiction. This talk will explore a number of issues relating to how we can understand the role played by science in popular culture through these predictions.

1st March 2017 - Paul Hoyningen Huene: Strong Incommensurability and deeply opaque ignorance

In this talk, Prof. Hoyningen-Huene explores the idea of opaque ignorance by relating it to the concept of incommensurability, more specifically to “strong incommensurability”, a new concept.

8th March - Nik Brown (York): Resistance and Immunity

Nik Brown (York) presents an STS seminar on the issue of antimicrobial resistance, and the political and economical viewpoints towards it

STS Seminar 2016 - Lara Marks: History online - The case of monoclonal antibodies

Dr Lara Marks discusses the development of Monoclonal Antibodies, and the technological leaps in medicine that may be possible due to their existence.