UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


STS research seminar series 2017-18

Every year, STS holds a series of research seminars to discuss research with our colleagues around the country, and around the world. These seminars are recorded, and they can be viewed here or via the STSUCL YouTube channel.

The seminar recordings from 2016-17 can be found on the 2016/17 Seminars page.

STS Seminar - Prof. Aileen Fyfe: Circulating Knowledge in the 20th Century

Prof. Alieen Fyfe discusses the publication of journals by the Royal Society during the 20th century. How did the society handle the various challenges of the century, especially the growth in scientific research?

STS Seminar - Jacob Stegenga: Medical Nihilism

Jacob Stegenga discusses the concept of medical nihilism - do we place too much faith in novel medical procedures? Should we take a different philosophical approach?