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Faraday lecture at the Royal Institution


STS department-wide activities

This page provides information about seminar series and one-off lectures sponsored or co-sponsored by STS. Most are open to scholars from any academic field. These normally are research intensive, specialised events, normally of interest only to scholars in the discipline.

STS research seminar series

Upcoming talks in the STS research seminar series are listed in the STS calendar. Seminar series covering all aspects of research in the discipline.

The purpose of this series is to provide colleagues with an opportunity to present their latest research results and discuss them within a collegial atmosphere. These are open to all interested parties; however, do keep in mind these are specialised professional presentations and can be quite technical.

JBS Haldane Memorial Lectures

A list of past JBS Haldane Memorial Lectures is provided on the STS website.

STS launched the Haldane Lectures in 2014 in honour of UCL Professor JBS Haldane, a polymath not only in the life sciences but also in science communication and science policy. We aim to Haldane Lectures annually, rotating through our various research clusters. Normally, Haldane Lectures are published as part of the STS Occasional Papers series.

London PUS seminar series

The London PUS (Public Understanding of Science) seminar series has been running since 1991. It provides an academic space in which to discuss the many aspects of science in public from multiple perspectives in a relaxed but rigorous environment. It is an open intercollegiate seminar concerned with the broad range of topics that fall under the headings of public understanding of science, public engagement with science, science communication, and science-in-society.

The original aims of the seminar were (a) to enhance the awareness of useful concepts and research methods for the analysis of the public understanding of science, (b) to invite members and visiting researchers to introduce specific topics and problems, and (c) to provide a forum for researchers in the field. The agenda, along with the field, has since expanded and diversified.  

STS Work-in-Progress seminars (WIPS)

These seminars are intended as an informal venue for research students to present and discuss interesting aspects of their work. The format consists of a presentation of about thirty minutes, followed by about twenty minutes for discussion.