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History and Philosophy of Science

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What did participants think?


The many ways of integrating HPS

28-29 June 2012 at UCL

Special thanks to the conference organisers:

  • m.massimi@ucl.ac.uk 
  • c.ambrosio@ucl.ac.uk
  • jonathan.everett.09@ucl.ac.uk

Programme: THURSDAY 28 JUNE

12.45pm Registration and buffet lunch

1.50pm Welcome and opening remarks (Michela Massimi)

2pm–3pm History and Philosophy of Chemistry (chair: Hasok Chang)

2.00–2.20 Jenny Rampling (University of Cambridge)

“Transmutation and its discontents: theory choice in medieval alchemy”

2.20–2.40 Rachel Dunn (University of Durham)

“Seeing science”

2.40–3.00 Steph Ratcliffe (UCL)

“Burning diamond—a historical perspective on microstructuralism about chemical kinds”

3.00-3.15 Break

3.15–5.30 History and Philosophy of the Physical Sciences

Part I. From ancient science to the dawn of the modern world (chair: Ian Kidd)

3.15–3.35 Andy Gregory (UCL)

“Why studies of the ancient world need integrated HPS”

3.35–3.55 Alan Chalmers (Sydney / Durham)

“Descartes’ Optics: science or philosophy?”

3.55–4.15 Michael Bycroft (Cambridge)

“History as method: natural history and experimental physics in the
electrical research of Charles Dufay”

4.15–4.30 Break

Part II. From the Eighteenth Century to Twentieth Century (and Beyond) (chair: Steven French)

4.30–4.50 Sally Riordan (Stanford)

“Artefact Calibration: the Case of the Kilogram in 1793”

4.50–5.10 Tom Bunce (Durham)

“Born on causation”

5.10–5.30 Jon Agar & Michela Massimi (UCL)

“Working worlds as an example of integrated HPS”

5.30–5.45 Break

5.45–6.45 History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences (chair: John Dupré)

5.45–6.05 Greg Radick (Leeds)

“Philosophies of Physics at the Birth of Genetics”

6.05–6.25 Berris Charnley (Exeter)

“The Trouble with Rogues: a new theoretical map of Mendelian plant breeding, 1900–1930”

6.25–6.45 Ann-Sophie Barwich (Exeter)

"Bending Molecules or Bending the Rules? Contemporary Issues in Olfaction Theory"

Programme: FRIDAY 29 JUNE

Methods and modes of integrating HPS

Chair: Brendan Clarke

10.00–10.20 Hasok Chang (Cambridge)

“Integrated history and philosophy of chemistry: challenges and prospects”

10.20–10.40 Ian Kidd (Durham)

“Happy marriage or ménage à trois? Integrated History and Philosophy of Science, Third-Party Mediators, and Virtue Epistemology”

10.40–11.00 Matt Paskins (UCL)

“Complementary Science as a vocation”

11.00–11.30 Break

Chair: Catherine Wilson

11.30–11.50 Peter Vickers (Durham)

“How to turn PS into HPS: benefiting from theory eliminativism”

11.50–12.10 David Corfield (Kent)

“Making Michael Friedman’s Dynamics of Reason a little more dynamic”

12.10–12.30 Chiara Ambrosio (UCL)

“Integrated HPS through research and teaching: the case of ‘electricity’”

12.30 Concluding remarks (Michela Massimi)

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  • 2013 Leeds

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