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Staff books include:

Cain 2013 Cambridge Encyclopedia of Darwin and Evolutionary Thought spacerAthena Swan Bronze Award


STS conferences

This page is an index to conferences organised in STS.

Upcoming Conferences

Date Conference 
29 April 2015 On Being the Right Size
organiser: Professor Jon Agar
venue: STS, UCL
information: link

STS Research Day

Near the end of the teaching session each year, STS organises a research day for staff, fellows, and students. This offers a forum for our research community to gather, discuss our own research, and share in broader conversations.

Date Conference 
STS Research Day
organiser: Dr Simon Werrett
venue: STS, UCL (run annually)
information: link

Some past conferences

Date Conference 
2015 BSHS Postgraduate Conference
information: link
2015 Cultures of Ancient Science conference
organiser: Professor Andrew Gregory
venue: STS, UCL
information: link
2014  First London Philosophy of Science Graduate Workshop: Approaches Within Philosophy of Science
organiser: Toby Friend
venue: UCL
information: link
2013 Cultures of Ancient Science conference
organiser: Dr Andrew Gregory
venue: STS, UCL
information: link
2012  Science, Art, and Visualisation 2012
organiser: Dr Chiara Ambrosio
venue: STS, UCL
information: link
2012  Seventh Annual UK Workshop on Integrated History and Philosophy of Science (IHPS) 2012
organisers: Dr Michela Massimi and  Dr Chiara Ambrosio
venue: STS, UCL
information: link
2012  Science in Public 2012 Conference
organisers: Dr Simon Jay Lock and Dr Karen Bultitude
venue: STS, UCL
information: link
2011 7th London Ancient Science Conference (link)
2011 The Harmony of the Sphere: Kant and Herschel on the Universe and the Astronomical Phenomena (link)
2010 What does it mean to do the philosophy, history and sociology of mathematics in the 21st century? (link)
2010 Philosophy of natural science from Newton to Kant  (link)
2010 5th London Ancient Science Conference  (link)
2008 4th London Ancient Science Conference  (link)
2007 Kant and Philosophy of Science Today (link)

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