UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies is an interdisciplinary centre for the integrated study of science's history, philosophy, sociology, communication and policy, located in the heart of London. Founded in 1921. Award winning for teaching and research, plus for our public engagement programme. Rated as outstanding by students at every level.

At UCL, the academic mission is paramount. Our ambition is to achieve the highest standards in our teaching and research.

Join us for BSc, MSc, and PhD study.

Staff books include:

Cain 2004 Exploring the Borderlands spacerAthena Swan Bronze Award


Seven Big Reasons To Study With Us

If us having an extraordinary range of subjects, award-winning teaching and public engagement, and a unique combination of degrees isn't enough, here are seven more big reasons to study HPS and STS at UCL.


Firsts. We were the first department in our subject, founded in 1921. We were the first department in the UK to offer Master's degrees in our subjects (beginning in the 1920s), and we were the first to offer a degree in our subject at the undergraduate level (from 1993).


Expertise: We combine a unique range of subjects under one roof, and we are one of the largest academic departments in the world with our range of expertise. The department prides itself on the quality of its interdisciplinary work, produced by a group with research expertise in a variety of disciplines. 


London: We are in the heart of Bloomsbury, itself the heart of literary London. Our programmes take full advantage of the world-class academic resources that London offers. Consider the range: Parliament, ministries and embassies; BBC, production houses, and advertising houses; political think-tanks, NGOs, lobby groups, and funding agencies. Add to these, national and specialised museums in science, arts, natural history, and maritime history. Plus, libraries galore. We like to take our learning outside the traditional seminar room to connect our academic work to the real world around us.


Students: We recruit widely and internationally. Students come to us from diverse  backgrounds across the sciences and humanities, and they seek quite different outcomes from their degrees. We think this variety gives us strength in terms of perspective, academic skill, and motivation.


Innovation: We win awards for innovations in teaching and public engagement. We regularly explore new ways to develop our teaching programmes, and the department has a strong reputation within UCL for taking the lead on this front. We publish in areas related to teaching and learning. We contribute to ongoing research at UCL in areas such as object-based learning. Our tutors undertake staff development in teaching skills, and we spend a lot of time sharing good practice. 


Awareness: We love our subjects. At the same time, we know the job market is tight, and we know competition is tough. We layer into our programmes the development of critical skills in research, writing, methods, analysis, and reflection. This gives you essential flexibility. We also aim to help you develop a meaningful portfolio, useful when asked to distinguish your own abilities against a crowded field of other candidates. We're very much aware of the need for sensible career thinking. This is built squarely into our activities.


World-class experience: Our programmes are designed to make the most of UCL. We link our work with other academic departments. We work closely with UCL Museums and Collections. We have ongoing collaborations with specialists across the sciences and humanities. 

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