UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


STS is UCL's home for BSc History and Philosophy of Science and BSc Science and Society


Imagine STS...

UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies provides two single honours degrees unique to UCL. They allow you to combine the study of science with the analytical approach of the humanities.

Undergraduate Courses:

BSc Science and Society

  • science policy, ethics, and governance
  • science communication, engagement and evaluation
  • sociology of modern science and technology

BSc History and Philosophy of Science

  • history of science, technology, and medicine from antiquity to the 20th century
  • philosophy of science and medicine
  • integrated history and philosophy of science

While the courses differ in focus and content, the first year consists of the same core modules. This means that you're able to change between the two courses up until the end of the first year.

You can find out more about the BSc courses by clicking the links above. In addition, STS is involved in a range of other courses. We offer two streams on the Natural Sciences BSc and MSci, as well as an integrated medical degree on offer to UCL medical students.

Modules - What would I actually study?:

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All UCL degrees are made up of a range of different modules, allowing you to tailor your course to your own specific interests. STS offers a range of modules covering topics from science in antiquity to the emerging technologies of today.

You can find a full list of STS modules on our HPSC Modules page. We recently held a module fair to present our second term modules to interested students. You can watch the recording of these presentations below.

We also host a series of seminars featuring pioneering ideas and groundbreaking research in our related fields. You can watch recordings of the 2016-17 Seminar series on our Seminar page, or visit our Youtube Channel for this year's talks.

These presentations from our 2017 Open Day cover the kind of material you'll study at STS - from a brief overview of the department to specific talks on Science and Society, History of Science and Philosophy of Science.

What career would this get me?

Our students go on to a wide range of careers - recent graduates have entered the civil service, the BBC, science journalism, the charity sector, the Royal Society, and even the Royal Navy!

We host a regular podcast series with our alumni to ask how their degree in STS helped with their career prospects. Listen to one below with BBC Broadcaster Steph McGovern, or visit our Careers Soundcloud page to find more.

What kind of work would I create?

STS prides itself on the varied styles of assessment offered. Alongside standard essays and exams, we have modules which ask you to submit blog posts, podcasts and documentary videos. We have a recording studio and high-quality filming and editing equipment available foir students to use.

Some of the highest quality work we've received is hosted on our 'Made in STS' site. The site is still under construction, but you can find examples of the work we aim for.

What else can you tell me about the department?

Alchemy Issue 1 - Jan 2017

You can find a range of useful information on the website, from details of STS events to research projects and interests of academics, to current PhDs within the department. For a summary of what the department does, you can read our annual newsletter Alchemy. If you have any questions that still aren't answered, contact us at sts@ucl.ac.uk