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Careers - creating Flexible Futures

Finding a good job after university can be tough, and building a career can be tougher still. Given the expense of university and the financial pressures afterwards, applicants need to know that an STS degree (UCAS V550 or UCAS L391) is a smart investment.

"Flexible futures" is STS's career development philosophy. Our degrees allow people to follow their passions while also preparing for a wide range of careers. We build expertise and substance – and we also build a broad portfolio of the kind of skills sought in today's job market.

We live in the age of generalists when it comes to undergraduate degrees. Overspecialisation is risky business. It's right for some career choices, but not for others. For two decades, STS degrees have been used as general preparation for a wide range of careers, with specialisation to follow in postgraduate studies or corporate fellowship programmes. We know that some students don't yet have a clear direction in mind. "Flexible futures" works for you, too.

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