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STS Undergraduate Module Syllabus Library

The STS Undergraduate Module Catalogue 2017-18 (pdf) describes HPSC modules offered by UCL Science and Technology Studies (STS) for the 2017-18 session. This should be your first destination when choosing your modules.

Syllabus library

What does a module require? STS preserves an archive of documents for our modules. Use these as a guide for the scope and purpose of the module. Please be aware that tutors often change syllabi, adapting them to new information and responding to student feedback.

HPSC1000-level Modules (First Year)
HPSC2000-level Modules (Second Year)
HPSC3000-level Modules (Third Year)

Fine print

  1. STS modules use the prefix "HPSC". 
  2. In general HPSC modules are available to students from all departments at UCL, unless pre-requisites are listed. 
  3. UCL prohibits advanced students (Year 3 or 4) from enrolling in introductory modules (1000-level). This is because advanced students are expected to undertake work approbate to their level of study. STS tutors are able to discuss module selection.
  4. STS uses UCL Common Timetable for room booking and timetabling. Because this information can change, it is not included on module syllabi.