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HPSC modules 2017-18 information

HPSC is the prefix for all modules taught by STS. ("HPSC" is a legacy from the days when we only taught history and philosophy of science.) This page provides information for students - whether from STS or beyond - who are interested in the modules offered by the Department.

Undergraduate Modules

Download 2017-18 module catalogue for undergraduates here (pdf)

Postgraduate Modules

Download 2017-18 module catalogue for postgraduates here (pdf)

Our full module catalogue for STS includes nearly 100 modules. Not every module is taught each year. For instance, we tend to rotate our catalogue of third-year, advanced modules so all staff have a chance to teach in their specialist research interests and so students can focus their attention foray topic we select. To find out about modules, talk with your personal tutor.

Syllabus library for HPSC modules

For every module, the key operating document is the "syllabus". ("Syllabus" is singular; "syllabi" is plural.) The syllabus includes the course plan, essential readings, and assessed activities. STS maintains a library of syllabi for all the modules we teach. These are provided for reference. They also can help students who are considering modules for the future. 

One key point: syllabi may change from year-to-year. This is because tutors are asked to keep their material up-to-date. It also is because different tutors have different priorities within a subject area. Academic freedom means they have latitude when exercising their expert judgement. Use archived syllabi as a guide.

UCL divides modules according to the ideal year of study. First year modules are introductory in nature. Third year modules are advanced and highly specialised. Postgraduate modules are part of our postgraduate taught programme, for Master's students.