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New paint makes tough self-cleaning surfaces

New paint makes tough self cleaning surfaces

A new paint that makes robust self-cleaning surfaces has been developed by a team led by UCL researchers. The coating can be applied to clothes, paper, glass and steel and when combined with adhesives, maintains its self-cleaning properties after being wiped, scratched with a knife and scuffed with sandpaper.

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Video: Robust super hydrophobic and self-cleaning coatings (Credit: UCL MAPS)

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Wales may have to follow on student finance

Derfel Owen (UCL Academic Services) says UCL wants to attract the best students and the decrease in students from India studying in the UK is of concern. Read: BBC News More...

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Fostering before the age of two helps children in institutional care deal better with stress

As human beings we are born helpless and entirely dependent on those who care for us. Most of us are lucky to have had parents or guardians who provided us with food, security and comfort. We form attachment experiences with these caregivers that create a way to develop our social skills and grow up with a sense of purpose and value in the social world, says Professor Essi Viding and Professor Eamon McCrory (both UCL Clinical, Educational & Health Psychology) in The Conversation.