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Academic Year 2012/13

  • The Programme is comprised of several core courses which all students choose options from.
  • Students will then have a choice of selected courses from the Maths and Physical Sciences Faculty, the Social and Historical Sciences Faculty and the Arts and Humanities Faculty.
  • Finally there is one free choice from all other available Affiliate courses.
  • All students will also be expected to attend a monthly seminar/reading group.

Global Citizenship Core Courses

  • HPSC2014 - Science Policy Issues in Global Perspective
  • HPSC2016 - Globalization in Theory and Practice
  • HPSC2017 - Global Citizenship in Action
  • HPSC3030 - Science and Global History

Choices from other Faculties   

MAPS    Maths and Physical Sciences

SHS    Social and Historical Sciences

A&H    Arts & Humanities

Public Policy and Political Sciences

Modern Language

Students can also take a Modern Language Course (see options from UCL Language Centre)

One Free Choice

Students on the one year programme can also choose one course from all other Affiliate courses offered at UCL. See Affiliate course listings for more details

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