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Our popular and innovative programme in Global Citizenship draws on UCL's strong record of interdisciplinary research and teaching, as well as additional experts and professional institutions.  Our courses have been designed to explore cutting edge issues such as global climate change, mobile phones, surveillance systems, the internet and globalization.

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The Core Programme in Global Citizenship

There are two activities at the core of the Global Citizenship Programme. UCL expects its students to change the world, and here’s where they start.

In a unique action-based course, students will identify a problem in their local environment, recruit a community of experts and actors to solve it, and experience first hand the challenges of direct action for a better world. At the same time students gain valuable transferable skills in group-work, problem solving and communication.

Global Citizenship students will then also choose from a core set of courses designed specifically for this programme. These courses explore:

•    questions such as, who should have a democratic voice in a complex world?
•    the science, politics and human implications of global climate change, and global health
•    innovation and technological development in its global and political contexts, via a study of surveillance systems, the internet and social media
•    mass communication in the digital age, and its implications for democracy and community life

•    the history of intercultural exchange and globalization

The wider programme

Students compile the rest of the programme from a list of recommended courses from across UCL. These courses cover:

Poverty and development
Politics of science and expertise
International relations
The world economy
History of Europe and the USA
War and peace
Sociology of technology
Post-colonial perspectives
The information society
Mass Media

Students may also choose one course from any part of UCL’s provision for affiliate students, including courses in anthropology, the natural and physical sciences, management, archaeology, psychology, history of art, and classics.

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Modern languages

All Global Citizenship students will have the opportunity to study a modern language at UCL’s Language centre. For details of the languages taught go to:

Living in London

The final responsibility of our Global Citizenship students whilst here in London is to explore the unparalleled resources of this great historic and multicultural city, enhancing their academic learning as well as their social life! We want our students to be able to relax and enjoy the people, heritage, the theatres, the shops, the parks, the galleries, the museums and the sport. 

The Programme organizes several trips for its students over the year. Past trips have included the National Theatre, Greenwich Royal Observatory, The UK Parliament, and several of the London museums.


There will also be an opportunity, should students wish, to participate in an internship or volunteering placement in one of several London based organisations involved with citizenship related activity.

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