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STS Honorary Research Associates (directory)

This page describes the various types of academic visitors and affiliations available via the Department. Send requests and queries to the STS Deputy Director of Research, Dr Simon Werrett. STS offers a variety of unpaid fellowship opportunities, described here.

Surname Forename Title
Aicardi Christine Dr
Alfonso-Goldfarb Ana Maria Professor
Anderson Nancy Dr
Barnett Richard Dr
Boon Timothy Dr
Bud Robert Dr
Butcher Sandra Ms
Buttolph Michael Dr
Cain Anna Ms
Cameron Heather
Cantor Geoffrey Professor
Caswill Chris Mr
Davis AEL DR
De Bianchi Silvia Dr
Dean Katrina Dr
Dickson David Mr
Erlingsson Steindr Dr
Fressoz Jean-Baptiste Dr
Glaser Daniel Dr
Godwin Matt Mr
Gomez Rodriguez Amparo Professor
Goodman Jordan Professor
Hammond Andy Dr
Harries Susie Ms
Hedgecoe Adam Dr
Henderson Felicity Dr
Higgitt Rebekah Dr
Horlick-Jones Tom Dr
Huber Maria Ms
Iranzo Valeriano Dr
Jackson Catherine Dr
Jergovic Blanka Dr
Johnson Ben Mr
Lowy Ilana Dr
Magnello Eileen Dr
Mantykoski Janne Dr
Marie Jenny Dr
Martinez Solano Jose Dr
Massimi Michela Dr
Mata Tiago Dr
McCabe Irena Dr
Mendes Ferraz Marcia Dr
Merchant Paul Dr
Morris Norma Dr
Morris Peter Dr
Navarro James Dr
Norman Jesse Dr
Petrunic Jospia Dr
Pfeffer Naomi Professor
Poupardin Elsa Dr
Priestly Mark Dr
Rodgers Michael Dr
Rose Thomas Dr
Serpente Noberto Dr
Simmons Anna Dr
Smallman Melanie Ms
Smith Peter Dr
Taylor Georgette Dr
Turney Jon Dr
Twigge Stephen Dr
Voss Georgina Dr
Wall Rosemary Dr
Wear Andrew Dr
Wyatt Sally Dr
Zimeta Dr Milly
Zinberg Dorothy Professor

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