UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


STS Honorary Research Associates (directory)

This page describes the various types of academic visitors and affiliations available via the Department. Send requests and queries to the STS Operations Administrator <sts-oa@ucl.ac.uk>. STS offers a variety of unpaid fellowship opportunities, described here.

Dr Christine Aicardi
Professor Ana Maria Alfonso-Goldfarb
Mr Luís Henrique de Amorim
Dr Richard Barnett
Dr Mats Bergman
Dr Timothy Boon
Professor John Brooke
Dr Robert Bud
Dr Michael Buttolph
Professor Geoffrey Cantor
Mr Chris Caswill
Dr Hasok Chang
Dr AEL Davis
Dr Silvia De Bianchi
Dr Stephanie Eichberg
Dr Steindór Erlingsson
Dr Jean-Baptiste Fressoz
Dr Karl Galle
Professor Donald Gillies
Mr Matt Godwin
Professor Amparo Gomez Rodriguez
Professor Jordan Goodman
Mr Peter Green
Dr Corinna Guerra
Mr Michael Guida
Dr Andy Hammond
Dr Felicity Henderson
Dr Rebekah Higgitt
Dr Graham Hollister-Short
Dr Andrew Hopkins
Dr Candice Howarth
Dr Hsiang-Fu Huang
Ms Lauren Hutchinson
Sir Roland Jackson
Professor Frank James
Dr Blanka Jergovic
Dr Inga Kroener
Dr Ilana Lowy
Dr Eileen Magnello
Dr Lara Marks
Dr Luisa Massarani
Dr Michela Massimi
Mr Nick Maxwell
Mr Shane McCracken
Dr Marcia Mendes Ferraz
Professor Arthur Miller
Dr Norma Morris
Dr Peter Morris
Professor Vivian Nutton
Professor Naomi Pfeffer
Dr Meritxell Ramirez-I-Olle
Professor Piyo Rattansi
Dr Carole Reeves
Dr Michael Rodgers
Dr Thomas Rose
Dr Noberto Serpente
Dr Anna Simmons
Dr Peter Smith
Professor Mauricio Suarez
Dr Georgette Taylor
Dr David Tiera Serrano
Dr AbouAli Vedadhir
Dr Timo Vilén
Dr Andrew Wear
Dr Billy Wheeler
Dr Milly Zimeta