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Dr Tiago Mata

Dr Tiago Mata


22 Gordon Square


  • Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies
    Dept of Science & Technology Studies
    Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences

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My research interests are in the fields of

History of political economy 

Topics such as transformations in the economics profession, social movements in economics, leftwing economics, research practices, public advocacy.

History and sociology of social sciences

Topics such as the funding of social science, social science expertise in the state and in business, circulation of social and economic statistics.

Economic sociology

Topics such as socio-technical imaginaries, spirits of capitalism, performativity, business communication, scientific management.

Media studies

Topics such as historical ontologies of journalism, framing effects, genres and idioms of economic culture.
Award year Qualification Institution
2018 FHEA
ATQ03 - Recognised by the HEA as a Fellow
Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
University College London
2005 PhD
Doctor of Philosophy
Economic History
London School of Economics and Political Science
2001 M.Phil
Master of Philosophy
University of Cambridge
2000 LCT
Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa
I joined UCL-STS in February 2015. I have been a researcher and lecturer at the University of Cambridge, University of Amsterdam, Duke University, and Technical University of Lisbon. 

I am a historian and sociologist of economics, and have written on topics such as academic freedom, the economics of science, the history of macroeconomics, and the role of politics in social knowledge.

My current research focus is the history and sociology of "economic journalism" since 1945 as Principal Investigator of the European Research Council project (2012–2016), 'Economics in the Public Sphere: USA, UK, France, Argentina and Brazil since 1945', the ECONPUBLIC project.


communication studies|*|economic sociology|*|history of economics|*|history of social science|*|political economy of science