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Dr Phyllis Kirstin Illari

Dr Phyllis Kirstin Illari





  • Senior Lecturer
    Dept of Science & Technology Studies
    Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences

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I am primarily research active in the philosophy of science, particularly the philosophy of causality and the philosophy of information. I authored many articles in philosophy of science, and have authored and edited several books (see publications). 

With Federica Russo, I am Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal for Philosophy of Science, am associate editor of Philosophy & Technology and editor of The Philosophy of Information: A Simple Introduction.  I served on the committee of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science 2013-16, and am active in the Women’s Caucus of the European Philosophy of Science Association. 

My particular current interests are on mechanisms, causality, and information, and how they impact on evidence assessment in biomedical sciences.

For more information, see my academia.edu page.

My studies were at Oxford (BA), UCL (MPhil), and King's College London (PhD).

I then taught for two years each at the Universities of Stirling and Bristol, before going on to postdoctoral projects.  One was on Mechanisms and Causality at the University of Kent (2007-10), working with Jon Williamson, and funded by the Leverhulme Trust, and one on Information Quality at the University of Hertfordshire, working with Luciano Floridi, funded by the AHRC (2012-13). 

I am active in both the Society for the Philosophy of Information, with collaborators all over the world, and in the Causality in the Sciences conference series, with collaborators in Kent, Ghent, Durham, Antwerp and Amsterdam.

For more information, see my academia.edu page.