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STS academic staff

This page lists STS academic staff. This includes those on open-ended and fixed term contracts. First, we list the staff on open-ended contracts: Professors, Senior Lecturers, Readers, and Lecturers. Then, the Teaching and Research Fellows. Finally, our Honorary and emeritus colleagues.

General enquiries: 0207 679 1328 | sts@ucl.ac.uk

Agar, Jon

Professor Jon Agar
Professor in Science and Technology Studies

Professor Agar writes on contemporary technologies (mobile phones, ID cards) and the history of modern science and technology. 

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0207 679 3521
room 2.2
e-mail: jonathan.agar
Ambrosio, Chiara

Dr Chiara Ambrosio
Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science

Dr Ambrosio is an expert on the interrelations between science, art, and philosophy. She has special interests in late 19thC pragmatism and early 20thC physics. 

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0207 679 0166
room 1.2 
e-mail: c.ambrosio 
Balmer, Brian

Professor Brian Balmer
Professor in Science Policy Studies

Professor Balmer has been a Research Fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit, Sussex University. His research interests include policies for biotechnology and genetics, military technology and arms limitation, and the sociology of science. 

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0207 679 3924
room 2.3
e-mail: b.balmer
Bultitude, Karen

Dr Karen Bultitude
Senior Lecturer in Science Communication

Dr Bultitude combines practical delivery expertise with robust academic research in science communication and public engagement, especially in the areas of live (face-to-face) and digital environments.  She has extensive expertise and research interests in evaluating a wide range of events and projects. 

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0207 679 4431
room 3.3
e-mail: karen.bultitude
Prof Joe Cain

Professor Joe Cain
Head of Department and Professor of History and Philosophy of Biology

Professor Cain's research interests emphasise twentieth-century evolutionary studies, Darwin and Darwinism, exploration and empire, the history of natural history and museum, and science in London. 

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0207 679 3041
room 1.3
e-mail: j.cain
Clarke, Brendan

Dr Brendan Clarke
Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Medicine

Dr Clarke is an expert on causality in medicine using historical cases to examine philosophy of science in practice. 

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phone: 0207 679 7132
room 2.1
e-mail: b.clarke 
Dawson, Emily

Dr Emily Dawson
Lecturer in Science Communication

Dr Dawson is an expert on public engagement, with a focus on equity and different ways diverse communities engage science museums and events. 

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phone: 0207 679 TBC
room 2.1
e-mail: emily.dawson 

Dr Sarah Edwards
Senior Lecturer in Research Ethics and Governance

Dr Edwards' research focus on the ethics of health research to answer practical and policy questions raised by new technologies.

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phone: TBC
room TBC
e-mail: sarah.edwards
STS staff

Dr Carina Fearnley
Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies

Dr Fearnley is an expert in public engagement, focusing on the science of risk and its communication. 

Staff Page
phone: 0207 679 4414
room 1.2
e-mail: c.fearnley 
Gouyon, Jean-Baptiste

Dr Jean-Baptiste Gouyon
Lecturer in Science Communication

Dr Gouyon is an expert in Science Communication and Science in the Media. 

Staff Page
room B14
e-mail: j.gouyon 

Professor Andrew Gregory
Professor of History and Philosophy of Science

Professor Gregory focuses his research on the history of science in the ancient world, especially the history of cosmology and the relations between magic and science.  

Staff Page
0207 679 2490
room 1.1
e-mail: andrew.gregory

Dr Phyllis Illari
Senior Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science

Dr Illari is an expert in the philosophy of science, with research interests in causality and the philosophy of information.

Staff Page
0207 679 2486
room 1.2
email: phyllis.illari

Professor Frank A.J.L. James
Professor of History of Science

Editor of the Correspondence of Michael Faraday (1791-1867). Concurrently, Professor of History of Science and Head of Collections and Heritage of the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Staff Page
0207 679 7713
room 2.2
email: f.james
Lock, Simon J.

Dr Simon Jay Lock
Lecturer in Science Communication and Governance

Dr Lock’s research interests are centred around the relationship between science and public,the development of science communication, and public engagement with science and technology. 

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0207 679 3763
room 3.2
e-mail: simon.lock
MacLehose, William (Bill)

Dr William MacLehose
Lecturer in History of Medicine

Dr MacLehose is an expert in Medieval history, including history of medicine and history of the family. He studies intercultural interactions and evolving conceptions of the different stages of life.  

Staff Page
0207 679 2929
room 1.2
e-mail: w.maclehose
Mata, Tiago

Dr Tiago Mata
Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies

Dr Mata is an expert in the history and sociology of economics and political science.

Staff Page
0203 108 4412
room 3.3
e-mail: t.mata
Stallman, Melanie Dr Melanie Smallman
Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies
Dr Smallman is an expert on science communication and policy, especially in the area of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).
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room 4.3
e-mail: m.smallman

Dr Jack Stilgoe
Senior Lecturer in Social Studies of Science

Dr Stilgoe is an expert in the governance of emerging technologies.

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020 3108 1344
room 2.4
email: j.stilgoe

Dr Emma Tobin
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Science

Dr Tobin is an expert in the philosophy of science; metaphysics of science and philosophy of science in practice. She is particularly interested in the philosophy of biochemistry.

Staff Page
0207 679 1321
room 2.3
e-mail: e.tobin
Werrett, Simon

Dr Simon Werrett
Senior Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science

Dr Werrett is an expert in history of early modern and Enlightenment Science, especially in Europe and Russia. 

Staff Page
0207 679 3261
room 1.2
email: s.werrett

STS Research Fellows and STS Teaching Fellows

STS staff

Dr Norma Morris
STS Research Fellow

Dr Morris studies the impact of science policy on biomedical research in universities and regulatory research, and studies on widening the role of human volunteers taking part in medical research. 

Staff Page
room B14
0207 679 3703
  STS is recruiting Teaching Fellows for the 2017-18 session. Details on the UCL Vacancies website.  

STS Emeritus academic staff

Professor Hasok Chang
Honorary Professor of Philosophy of Science
email: h.chang
Professor Donald Gilles
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of Science and Mathematics
no Web site
e-mail: donald.gillies
Mr Nicholas Maxwell
Emeritus Reader in Philosophy of Science
e-mail: nicholas.maxwell
Professor Arthur I. Miller
Emeritus Professor of History and Philosophy of Science
e-mail: a.miller
Professor Steve Miller
Emeritus Professor of Science Communication and Planetary Science
e-mail: s.miller
Professor Piyo Rattansi
Emeritus Professor of History of Science
no Web site
e-mail: piyo.rattansi
Dr Carole Reeves
Honorary Senior Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies
email: c.reeves