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STS vacancies

This page provides information on current vacancies within the Department of Science and Technology Studies. If none are listed, then no vacancies currently exist. For more on vacancies at UCL, see the HR vacancies website.

For further queries about vacancies:

  • about application process: sts-vacancies@ucl.ac.uk
  • about academic issues: see advertisement

Current vacancies

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  No vacancies at present  


1. How do I list publications in my CV that are not yet out?

Applicants are hereby notified that STS adopts specific criteria for proof of accomplishments presented in applications. Upward misrepresentation (presenting accomplishments as more advanced than is demonstrated on request) can lead to an applicant's disqualification. This expectation includes the representation of publications and manuscripts. Further guidance is available.

2. Sample syllabus

Applicants for Teaching Fellow positions are expected to follow existing syllabi, with modifications approved prior to the start of term. For the purposes of application, previously taught syllabi maybe submitted to demonstrate teaching range. A topic outline may be proposed to demonstrate areas of emphasis.

Syllabi for Undergraduate modules

Syllabi for Masters modules

Applicants for Lectureships may submit model syllabi (e.g,. from modules previously taught elsewhere), proposed new modules for STS, or modified versions of syllabi from modules already taught in STS. Applicants with queries about which module might be most suitable should contact the chair of the search committee or the Head of Department.

3. Where do I find the UCL equalities monitoring form needed with my application

UCL equalities monitoring form download. This is a Word document.