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Prof Stephan Beck

The epigenetics revolution

UCL Professor Stephan Beck explains his lab's work on epigenetics- the science of how genes switch on and off - and how it could lead to a cure for cancer and other diseases.

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UCL Stem Cell Podcast

Listen now: Stem cell research – science, methods and applications

Prof Claudio Stern, Prof Chris Mason, Prof Martin Birchall and Prof Pete Coffey discuss the science and debates surrounding stem cell research, reflect on their own work and consider the implications of President Obama’s reversal of the ban on US federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research.

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Prof Peter Coffey

Watch Prof Pete Coffey's UCL Lunchtime Lecture online

Stemming Vision Loss With Stem Cells - Seeing is Believing

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Prof Robert Brown Watch Prof Robert Brown's UCL Lunchtime Lecture online

Mimicking tissue growth: towards customised, while-you-wait tissue fabrication

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