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STEaPP research features in two Urban Solutions articles

20 March 2014

'Inequality and the City - the Singapore story' 

Urban Solutions, Issue 4, p96

STEaPP Provost Fellow, Dr Lily Song, writes in Issue 4 of Urban Solutions on the urban and spatial dimensions of income inequality. Using Singapore as a case-study, the article explores how the distribution of amenities, resources and infrastructure contribute to inequality in urban areas.

Dr Song argues that policy-makers must collaborate with land use and urban planning agencies to review policies which perpetuate existing inequality.

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'Evergreen Cooperative Initiative: Anchor-based strategy for inner city regeneration'

Urban Solutions, Issue 4, p50

In this article, Dr Song introduces anchor-based wealth creation models, using the Evergreen Coorperative Initiative in Cleveland, Ohio as an example.

This is a network of cooperatives which is co-owned and managed by residents in the most economically distressed areas of the city. The article profiles the local economic and work-force developments in in the communities which operate the Evergreen Cooperative Initiative, and identifies other US cities who are adopting the 'Cleveland Model'.

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