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Our research brings together academic, governmental, civil society and industry partners to tackle the pressing opportunities and challenges facing our societies today.

Read about research at STEaPP or browse a selection of current projects below. For full details on these or any of our other research activities, please contact Alice Ferns.

Current projects





City Leadership Laboratory  The City Leadership Laboratory is based within STEaPP and responds to pressing concerns about the future of cities and city leadership in the 21st century.   Global City leadership and urban innovation; Local (urban and rural), national and international infrastructure
Petras The PETRAS Internet of Things Research Hub is a £23 million project to explore critical issues in privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability, and security.  UK Digital and cyber
IPCC The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has involved several of UCL STEaPP’s academic staff over the past several years. The Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) cycle of the IPCC has involved staff as government delegates, members of Scientific Steering Groups, report authors and facilitators.  Global International and sustainable development; Energy, environment and resources
DoUbT Deltas’ Dealings with Uncertainty: Multiple Practices and Knowledges of Delta Governance (DoUbT) interrogates how uncertainties are dealt with in environmental planning, with a focus on four delta regions. Global, with focus on Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Vietnam   Local (urban and rural), national and international infrastructure; Energy, environment and resources; International and sustainable development
Liveable Cities Liveable Cities is an ambitious, five-year programme of research to develop a method of designing and engineering low carbon, resource secure, wellbeing maximised UK cities. UK Urban innovation; Energy, environment and resources
decc-small LUKES (Longitudinal UK Energy Survey) is a project on the feasibility of a large-scale UK longitudinal panel of energy use in homes with the aim of advising HM Government and the Research Councils UK on whether such a study is a cost effective investment.  UK

Energy, environment and resources

icif International Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF) is an interdisciplinary, practice-orientated research centre conducting fundamental research on infrastructure. Global Local (urban and rural), national and international infrastructure
Phaesr Physics and Energy Social Researich (PhaESR) is a 5-month project examining the scope for integrating social research and physics for the benefit of understanding energy use better.    Energy, environment and resources; Socio-technical systems
AGRICEN Agro-industries and clean energy in Africa (AGRICEN) is a five-year research programme exploring how agro-industries in sub-Saharan Africa could contribute to improving rural energy access.

Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi Energy, environment and resources; International and sustainable development 
IGS crop
Informal Governance Systems for Disaster Risk Reduction explores the role of informal governance systems (IGS) in disaster preparedness, response and recovery.
Japan, Nepal, Phillippines  Disasters and resilience; Local (urban and rural), national and international infrastructure