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Irina Brass

Dr Irina Brass

Lecturer in Regulation, Innovation and Public Policy


Dr Irina Brass is Lecturer in Regulation, Innovation and Public Policy at UCL STEaPP. Her research focuses on the economic and social regulation of disruptive technologies, especially digital technologies, and the establishment of more dynamic and adaptive modes of governing these technologies. Dr Brass is a Co-Investigator of the Standards, Governance and Policy Stream of the PETRAS IoT Research Hub, as well as a Co-Investigator of the Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub looking at new regulatory approaches for targeted healthcare.

Dr Brass is working closely with policy makers and the standards development community on governance frameworks for managing cybersecurity and data protection in the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2017, Dr Brass was appointed Chair of the IoT-1 Technical Committee of the British Standards Institution (BSI) – the national standards body of the UK. Dr Brass is also the Deputy Director of the Digital Policy Lab at UCL STEaPP and the Deputy Lead of the MPA in Digital Technologies and Public Policy.

Dr Brass has a background in public policy, regulation and standardisation, with research that spans across radio spectrum management, intellectual property and competition rules, data protection, cybersecurity and safety regulations. She has worked as Postdoctoral Research Associate of the EPSRC-funded PETRAS IoT Research Hub, investigating the privacy and cybersecurity challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT), and its implications for balancing voluntary and mandatory modes of governance. Prior to this, Dr Brass was a Teaching Fellow at UCL STEaPP, co-designing a unique executive programme in Regulation and Public Policy with the Vodafone Group, as well as working as Adjunct Assistant Professor in International Relations at Richmond University in London.

Dr Brass holds a PhD in Government from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), having looked at the role of standards-development organisations in setting radio spectrum management rules for cellular mobile and wireless local area communications.

Teaching Responsibilities

Doctoral Research Supervision

Dr Brass welcomes applications for doctoral research supervision in the following areas:

  • comparative regulatory regimes for emerging technologies;
  • adaptive governance of digital technologies and infrastructures, especially focusing on privacy, cybersecurity and data governance;
  • public management approaches to innovation policy.

Dr Irina Brass


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  • Lecturer in Regulation, Innovation and Public Policy
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