Statistical modelling of ozone and climate, uncertainty quantification of geophysical models

Dr. Serge Guillas, supported by a Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship  (January 2011- December 2012) on "stratospheric ozone and climate change" and various grants from NERC and EPSRC.

PhD students:

  • Theodoros Mathikolonis (2015-), supported by EPSRC
  • Maryam Ilyas (2014-), supported by Pakistan and the UCL ORS scheme
  • Xiaoyu Liu (2012-2016), supported by the Chinese Scholarship Council and the Dean's prize
  • Ah Yeon Park (2011-2014), supported by the Kwanjeong Educational Foundation, Republic of Korea
  • Kai-Lan Chang (2011-2015), supported by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan
  • Farha Al-Kuwari, supported by the Higher Education Institute, Qatar
  • Andria Sarri (2010-2015), supported by the UCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction
  • Joakim Beck (2009-2014) supported by EPSRC
  • Nina Glover, supported by EPSRC

Uncertainty Quantification Pipeline

Additional support comes from PASCAL2 (Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning), a Network of Excellence funded by the European Union, through the Harvest project: "Uncertainty Quantification Pipeline for Climate Models".

This will enable month-long invitations of experts from:

  • University of Texas at Austin, USA (Michael Tobis, Charles Jackson)
  • Illinois Institute of Technology at Chicago, USA (Lulu Kang)
  • Carroll University in Wisconsin, USA (Christopher Kuster)
  • US Naval Postgraduate School, USA (Robin Tokmakian)
  • Research institute INRIA in France (Vivien Mallet)

These experts will collaborate with UCL researchers and together take advantage of UCL's High Performance Computing resources for their simulations. This will lead to the release of efficient open-source code for uncertainty quantification of complex computer models. 

A dedicated workshop on 29 June 2012:

Uncertainty Quantification for Climate and Environmental Models


3-D visualization of tsunami modelling.