Stochastic Processes Group

Recent Publications


Flügge, AJ, Murrell, DJ and Olhede, SC. Detecting sub-communities in ecosystems from multivariate spatial associations.

Király, FJ. Efficient orthogonal tensor decomposition, with an application to latent variable model learning.

Király, FJ and Theran, L. Coherence and sufficient sampling densities for reconstruction in compressed sensing.

Király, FJ and Larsen, P. Fano schemes of generic intersections and machine learning.

Király, FJ, Theran, L, Tomioka, R and Uno, T. The algebraic combinatorial approach for low-rank matrix completion.

Olhede, SC. Learning the Ambiguity function.

Olhede, SC and Wolfe, PJ. Order Statistics of Observed Network Degrees.

Olhede, SC and Wolfe, PJ. Degree-based network models.

Olhede, SC, Ramirez, D and Schreier, PJ. Measuring Directionality in Random Fields Using the Monogenic Signal.

Sykulski, AM, Olhede, SC, Lilly, JM and Danioux, E. Lagrangian Time Series Models for Ocean Surface Drifter Trajectories.

Sykulski, AM, Olhede, SC, Lilly, JM and Early, JJ. The Whittle Likelihood for Complex-Valued Time Series.

Wolfe, PJ and Olhede, SC. Nonparametric graphon estimation.

Publications from 2013

Bartlett, TEOlhede, SC and Zaikin, A. A DNA methylation network interaction measure, and detection of network oncomarkers. PLoS one, 9(1): e84573.

Bartlett, TE, Zaikin, A, Olhede, SC, West J, Teschendorff AE and Widschwendter M. Corruption of the Intra-Gene DNA Methylation Architecture Is a Hallmark of Cancer. PLoS One, 8(7): e68285.

Elipot, S, Hughes, C, Olhede, SC and Toole, J. Coherence of western boundary pressure at the rapid WAVE array: boundary wave adjustments or deep western boundary current advection? Journal of Physical Oceanography, 43, 744-765.

Fabrizi, L, Williams, G, Lee, A, Meek, J, Slater, R, Olhede, SC and Fitzgerald, M. Cortical activity evoked by an acute painful tissue-damaging stimulus in healthy adult volunteers. J Neurophysiol, 109, 2393-2403.

Harris, V, Edwards, M and Olhede, SC. Multidecadal Atlantic Climate Variability and its Impact on Marine Pelagic Communities, Journal of Marine Systems, In Press.

Király, FJ and Lütkebohmert, W. Invariants of regular local rings by p-cyclic group actions. Algebra and Number Theory, 7(1), 63-74.

Király, FJ and Theran, L. Obtaining error-minimizing estimates and universal entry-wise error bounds for low-rank matrix completion. To appear in Proceedings of Neural Information Processing Systems 2013.

Martin, JS, Jasra, A and McCoy, E. Inference for a class of partially observed point process models. Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 65(3), 413-437.

Martin, JS, Jasra, A, Singh, SS, Whiteley, N and McCoy, E. Approximate Bayesian Computation for Smoothing. Stochastic Analysis and Applications, to appear.

Olhede, SC and Ombao, H. Modelling and Estimation of Covariance of Replicated Modulated Cyclical Time Series. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 61, 1944-1957.

Olhede, SC. Modulated Oscillations in Many Dimensions. Phil. Transactions.

Simons, FJ and Olhede, SC. Maximum-likelihood estimation of lithospheric flexural rigidity, initial-loading fraction, and load correlation, under isotropy. Geophysical Journal International, 193, 1300–1342.

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