Dr James Nelson

Position Senior Lecturer
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Phone (internal) 41875
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Personal webpage http://www.homepages.ucl.ac.uk/~ucakjdb/
Themes Stochastic Modelling and Time Series

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Biographical Details

James Nelson

James Nelson joined the Department of Statistical Science as a lecturer in 2010. After a PhD in applied harmonic analysis from the Mathematics Department at Anglia Polytechnic University (1998-2001), he held post-doc positions in: the Applied Mathematics and Computing Group at the University of Cranfield (2001-2004); the Information: Signals, Images, and Systems Research Group at the University of Southampton (2004-2006); and the Signal Processing and Communications Laboratory at the University of Cambridge (2006-2010).

Research Interests

Multiresolution analysis; random fields; spatial models; statistical machine learning; statistical signal and image processing. Examples: Markov random fields; wavelet/Riesz basis construction and pursuit/optimisation; sparsity and other regularisation with applications to detection and classification; weak self-similar random fields; support vector machine kernel construction and hyper-parameter estimation; generalised sampling theory; Hurst index estimation for texture and volatility models.


  • Vladimir Krylov

    • statistical image analysis for mammography
    • anomaly detection and semi-supervised learning methods for underwater acoustics
  • Diego Tomassi (sparse regularisation and group sparsity)

Research Students

  • James Le Roux (sparsity and multiresolution analysis for volatility analysis and high frequency financial computing; with Prof. Sofia Olhede)
  • Alex Gibberd (sparsity on graphs and statistical machine learning for network traffic anomaly detection)
  • Nabanita Basu (computer vision and machine learning for blood spatter analysis; 1st supervisor Dr. Ruth Morgan, Department of Security and Crime Science)
  • Christian Niedworok (automated cell detection algorithms in 2-photon microscopy of whole brain images; 1st supervisor Prof. Troy Margrie, MRC National Institute for Medical Research)
  • To be announced (temporal statistical models of banknote ageing; 1st supervisor Prof. Mark Girolami)


Selected publications

  • Nelson, J. D. B. and Kingsbury, N. G. (2012) Fractal dimension, wavelet shrinkage, and anomaly detection for mine hunting. IET Signal Processing Journal.
  • Nelson, J. D. B. and Kingsbury, N. G. (2011) Enhanced shift and scale tolerance for rotation invariant polar matching with dual-tree wavelets. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 20(3): 814-821.
  • Nelson, J. D. B. and Kingsbury, N. G. (2010) Fractal dimension based sand ripple suppression for mine hunting with sidescan sonar. Institute of Acoustics International Conference on Synthetic Aperture Sonar and Synthetic Aperture Radar.
  • Nelson, J. D. B., Damper, R. I., Gunn, S. R. and Guo, B. (2009) A signal theory approach to support vector classification: the Sinc kernel. Neural Networks, 22 (1): 49-57.
  • Guo, B., Gunn, S. R., Damper, R. I. and Nelson, J. D. B. (2008) "A fast separability-based feature selection method for highdimensional remotely-sensed image classification". Pattern Recognition 41 (8): 1670-1679
  • Nelson, J. D. B. (2005) A wavelet filter enhancement scheme with a fast integral B-wavelet transform and pyramidal multi-B wavelet algorithm, Journal of Applied & Computational Harmonic Analysis, 18(3): 234-251.

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