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Professor Sofia Olhede awarded £366k EPSRC grant to study modelling and inference for massive populations of heterogeneous point processes

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Professor Sofia Olhede and her co-investigators, Dr David Murrell and Dr James Martin, have been awarded the EPSRC grant EP/N007336/1 under the standard research scheme.

Professor Valerie Isham elected as Bernoulli Society Councillor for 2015-2019

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Professor Isham will be installed as a member of Council of the Bernoulli Society for Probability and Mathematical Statistics at the 60th World Statistics Congress of the International Statistical Institute (26-31 July 2015) in Rio de Janeiro. She previously served on Council during 2003-7.

Professor Valerie Isham gives plenary lecture at Research Students' Conference

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The 38th Research Students’ Conference in Probability and Statistics is taking place in Leeds from 3-6 August 2015. Professor Isham’s plenary lecture is entitled Stochastic Modelling: some personal highlights.

Samuel Livingstone wins MAPS Faculty Teaching Award

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Congratulations to PhD Statistical Science student Samuel Livingstone, recently annouced as the recipient of this year's MAPS Faculty Teaching Award in the postgraduate teaching assistant category.

Dr Codina Cotar accepts department's Athena SWAN award at Greenwich ceremony

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Athena SWAN Bronze Award

In April we reported that the department had been announced as one the latest recipients of an Athena SWAN award.

Dr Serge Guillas awarded ESRC-DFID-NERC funding for tsunami project

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(from left to right) S. Guillas, K. Rajendran, D. Roy and PhD student G. Devaraj, May 2015 in Bangalore, India

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) have approved funding for a project led by Dr Serge Guillas on the topic of Big Data for Resilience: realising the benefits for developing countries.

Dr Elinor Jones nominated for UCLU Student Choice Teaching Award

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The results of the UCL Union Student Choice Teaching Awards 2015 were recently announced. The criteria for these awards are set by students, who also make up the entirety of the judging panel.

Third ISM-UCL International Research Program on Spatial Temporal Modelling from Statistical, Machine Learning and Engineering Perspectives

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Organizers: Gareth Peters (UCL) and Tomoko Matsui (ISM)

Date: 13-17 July 2015

Dr Afzal Siddiqui lectures at Ph.D. Winter School on Energy Systems and Markets in Kvitfjell, Norway

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Organised by the Centre for Sustainable Energy Studies (CenSES), the winter school was held during 22-28 March 2015. It offered Ph.D students an in-depth treatment of pertinent issues in the energy sector. The topics ranged from instruction on state-of-the-art techniques in optimisation to applications to market design.

Dr Ricardo Silva’s work with Transport for London published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

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Dr Silva’s project on modelling the behaviour of passengers in the London transportation network has just been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, volume 112, number 18. This work, done jointly with Dr Soong M. Kang (Management Science and Innovation, UCL) and Prof Edoardo Airoldi (Statistics, Harvard), makes use of several million records of Oyster card events to understand how passengers react to unplanned disruptions. A description of the paper for a general audience has been published by Ars Technica UK, among other venues.

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