UCL_PDR is time dependent photon-dissociation regions model that calculates self consistently the thermal balance. It can be used with gas phase only species as well as with surface species. It has been benchmarked with other existing PDR models (Rollig et al. 2007). It is very modular, it has the possibility of accounting for density and pressure gradients and can be coupled with UCL_CHEM (Martin et al. 2009) as well as with SMMOL (e.g. Vasta et al. 2010). It has been used to model small scale (e.g. knots in proto-planetary nebulae) to large scale regions (high redshift galaxies).


Theoretical PDR ine profiles for [O I] 63um (solid line) and 146um (dashed line). From Vasta et al. (MNRAS, 404, 1910, 2010).

The code is available on request from Serena Viti (sv AT star.ucl.ac.uk).

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