SMMOL (Spherical Multi-level MOLecular line radiative transfer) is a molecular line radiative transfer code that uses Accelerated Lambda Iteration (Scharmer and Carlsson 1985; Rybick and Hummer 1991, Harper 1994) to solve the coupled level population and line transfer problem in spherical geometry.  The code uses a discretised grid and a ray tracing methodology. The code is designed for high optical depth regimes and can cope with maser emission as long as the spatial-velocity sampling is fine enough.

It uses the Leiden Molecular Database interface and it uses the method of Schoenberg (1988) to convolve the emergent flux with a telescope response function.

The code (source and examples) is available on request from Jeremy Yates (jyates AT


ISO LWS Fabry-Perot ortho-water line profiles (dashed lines) compared with theoretical line profiles calculated with SMMOL using UCL_CHEM input parameters. From Lerate et al. (MNRAS, 406, 2445, 2010).

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