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The Miracle High Performance Computing Consortium is part of the DiRAC facility, which is funded jointly by the Science & Technology Facilities Council and the Large Facilities Capital Fund of BIS.  It is a collaboration of researches from University of Hertfordshire, Imperial College London, The University of Manchester and University College London and was set up in 1998; the collaboration previously included Queen's University, Belfast.

The ‘Miracle’ family of projects are aimed at making use of High Performance Computing for the purposes of modelling and characterising astrophysical environments from atomic through cosmological scales.  This aim naturally provides research links between Miracle teams who work on different aspects of a problem.

We currently have access to the 'Legion' High Performance Computing Cluster hosted by University College London's Research Computing team; further details of this cluster and how to access it are available under Information for Consortium Members.


The Second Annual STFC DiRAC Science Day 6 September 2012 @ University of Glasgow

Click here for the poster (pdf).

Miracle Training and Resources

We have started an 'in-house' programme of Miracle computational seminars and
courses. These will be listed below, along with links to lecture notes, presentation slides, and other resources:

Title / Details / Links
Good Computing Practice Given by Dr. Patrick Guio to Group A postgrads, Sept 22, 2011. Will be repeated in due course for a wider audience. Course Notes (P. Guio)

The First Annual STFC DiRAC Science Day 15 September 2011 @ UCL

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