Infra-red and Sub-mm Instrumentation

The research activity of the Optical Science Laboratory in the far infrared spectral region is dedicated to the design, modelling and characterisation of optical systems and components for astronomical instruments. These have substantially different requirements to optical instruments. Although the mechanical design tolerances are not as tight due to the larger wavelengths, infrared optics require a complete thermo-mechanical characterisation due to the very low temperature at which they need to operate (below 4K). We are involved in the calibration and characterisation of the most recently deployed infrared satellite instrumentation (Planck-HFI and Herschel-SPIRE instruments).

Ongoing research includes the design and characterisation of optical components for polarised radiation modulation, the characterisation of real optical elements (and the anomalies they introduce) in the presence of polarised radiation, instrument design for the next generation of satellite spectrometers and novel imaging systems for long wavelengths. This work is carried out in collaboration with other UK and European research groups notably the STFC-Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and Cardiff University".

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