How to Apply and FAQs

You will need to complete a UCL application form and provide two letters of reference. On-line applications are encouraged but we ask that you first fill in few details for our own record  (to know why see important note below). Once you have filled in our pre-registration form, you will be redirected to the official UCL application form. The paperwork is largely straightforward (although note that we do not design the forms, which are the same for every research degree, and as a consequence some information requested are likely to sound very irrelevant!) , but please note:

  • include in your 'personal statement' an explicit note of which of our research areas interest you most (e.g., "cosmology, brown dwarfs"; if you haven't decided what interests you most, or if you're interested in anything and everything, that's also useful information for us).
  • there is no need to write a research project despite what the application form says. All we need is a short personal statement informing us of the area(s) of research you are most interesting in. If you are flexible and are interested in more than one topic, please say so.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:   Due to delays in the UCL central processing we would like to keep a record of everyone that applies online. This is why before you are redirected to the main UCL online application we ask you to fill in few details.

  • The deadlines for PhD applications to reach the Dept. of Physics & Astronomy are 6th February for UK/EU candidates and end of December 2014 for overseas candidates (or EU candidates seeking College rather than departmental scholarships) (why?). 
  • Our normal minimum requirement for admission is a 2:i MPhys/MSci or equivalent (if your course can lead to that qualification; 2:i BSc otherwise), in an appropriate subject (normally, but not exclusively, physics or astrophysics).

    If you don't meet these requirements, you may be interested in our MSc programme; the MSc meets entry requirements for our PhD programme. At the risk of confusing you...for obscure administrative reasons, all students entering our PhD programme are initially registered for an MPhil (not an MPhys, MSci, or MSc!), and formally transfer to PhD studies at the end of the first year. If you encounter reference to the "MPhil" anywhere, just ignore it - in practice, our Master's-level degree is the MSc.

  • Note that if you are eligible for STFC funding (see eligibility criteria  but basically all UK as well as  EU students who are registered for a BSc/MSci (3 or 4 years degree) in UK should be eligible)   you do not need to apply for funding separately - all you need to do is click 'Studentship' under the funding header of the application. If we offer you a place, this will automatically come with a studentship. If you are not eligible for STFC funding, look at sources of funding for non-UK residents

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