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There are two entrances to the KLB.

1) Main entrance is on Gower Place (large wooden doors).  Visitors should enter through these doors and report to the Building Attendant situated in the lobby.

2) Second entrance is off Gower Street, through the main quad of UCL. Access via this entrance is now by swipe card. If you are arriving via this entrance you should make arrangements to meet your host in the Quad.

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Astrophysics Group

Contact Us

Group Details
Postal Address Astrophysics Group
University College London
Department of Physics and Astronomy
3rd Floor, 132 Hampstead Road
London  NW1 2PS
United Kingdom
Head of Group
Prof. Mike Barlow
Group Administrator
Mrs Kay Nakum
Email: k.nakum AT ucl.ac.uk
Phone No.: +44 (0)20 3549 5807
Fax No.: +44 (0)20 3549 5846
Admission enquiries
Dr David Waters
PhD Dr Serena Viti
Prof. Franco Cacialli

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