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Keys and Access Cards

How do I obtain keys and access control cards to the areas that I will be required to work in?

All keys to College premises are administered by the Access Systems Section which is located on the ground floor of the Andrew Huxley Building. Keys will only be issued against written authority signed by an authorised signatory from your department. A second form of identity will be required and will normally be a UCL ID Card but another form such as a Bankcard, Railcard, Passport etc. is acceptable.

The same procedure applies to access control cards with the exception that you cannot be issued with such a card until you have a valid UCL ID Card.

What do I do if I lose my access control card?

The loss of any access control card must be immediately reported to the Access Systems Section in the Andrew Huxley Building or on extn 32102. This enables the card details to be removed from the system and prevents unauthorised use. Out of normal working hours the loss should be reported to the Communications Centre on 020 7679 3333.

Page updated on 13 February 2006

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