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contact: Rachel Port or Jane Collins, Day Nursery Managers

1. Information

Location of Nursery

  • The Nursery, which provides daytime childcare for both staff and students of UCL, has two locations. The main Nursery is situated on the ground floor and basement of 20 Taviton Street. The second Nursery is situated in the basement of 9-11 Endsleigh Gardens. Both premises are only a short distance from the main UCL rectangle.

2. Opening and closing

  • The Nursery is open for approximately 49 weeks per year. It is closed at normal UCL closure periods, usually one week at each of Christmas and Easter, plus three bank holidays. It may also be necessary, depending on staffing levels, to close the Nursery for up to four weeks during the summer vacation.
  • The Nursery is open from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm each day, Mondays to Fridays, except that it opens at 10.00 am on the first working day of each month (when a Nursery staff meeting is held at 9.00 am). Parents are asked always to collect their children from the Nursery by no later than 5.30 pm.

3. Places in the Nursery

  • The two Nursery sites can accommodate a combined total of 38 children between the ages of three months and five years. Children using the Nursery are divided into three age groups:
    1. from three months to eighteen months old (designated "babies");
    2. from eighteen months to two and a half years old (designated "Toddlers"); and
    3. from two and a half years old to five years old (designated "Pre-School").
    There are 12 places for babies at Endsleigh Gardens, and 10 places for toddlers and 16 places for Pre-School children at Taviton Street. When a child reaches the next age grouping, s/he will automatically be transferred to that group as soon as a vacancy arises. When a child reaches the age of five years, parents must withdraw him/her from the Nursery.
  • 4. The Aims of the Nursery

    • The aims of the UCL Day Nursery are to provide high quality childcare and nursery education, giving priority to the development, needs and happiness of our children and their families. The Nursery recognises and values the diverse community that it serves.
    • We strive to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating care environment.
    • The Nursery believes that quality can be achieved by working together in partnership with parents and carers and the Camden Early Years Service.
    • Our child care and nursery education are firmly based on the following principles:
      1. Every child is a unique individual
      2. All children have skills and abilities that need to be brought out and built upon
      3. The starting point of children's education is what they can do, not what they cannot do
      4. Children have the right to develop physically, socially, emotionally, morally and intellectually to their full potential
      5. All children learn through first hand experiences, using their five senses
      6. Learning is holistic for young children


    • There are fourteen full-time members of staff presently appointed to the Nursery, comprising two Nursery Managers, a Senior Child Care Unit Supervisor, two Child Care Unit Supervisors, seven Nursery Officers, two Nursery Assistants and one part-time member of staff who prepares meals and provides lunchtime cover for staff at the Taviton Street Nursery. With the exception of the two Nursery Assistants and the cook, all the other staff are NNEB-qualified (or equivalent). The Nursery Managers are Mrs Sharon Centro and Mrs Jane Collins.Waiting List

    Waiting List

    • There is normally a long waiting list for Nursery places, especially baby places. Those wishing to use the Nursery should obtain from the Nursery Managers an application form so that their names can be added to the waiting list as soon as possible. Further information is available on request to the Nursery Managers.

    Use of the Day Nursery

    • Parents are required to provide at the time of accepting a place as precise information as possible of the days when they wish to bring their child to the Nursery. Once a child has been allocated a place on an agreed basis, parents must sign a contract binding them to these arrangements (see section 12 below). The allocation of a place will normally continue through the vacation on the same basis as during term-time.


    • As a virtually self-financing operation, the Nursery depends on fee income for paying Nursery staff salaries and meeting other running costs. Further information on fees can be obtained from the Nursery Managers.
    • Fee levels are normally adjusted annually and the Day Nursery reserves the right to amend Nursery fee levels whenever it deems this necessary.
    • Information on childcare grants and other sources of financial assistance for parents is available from the UCL Union Rights and Advice Office (Section 9 below also refers).
    • Apart from the registration deposit (see section 11 below) parents pay a uniform monthly charge for fees. This charge is calculated as one twelfth of a parent's projected usage of the Nursery over the coming year, according to the pattern of usage on the basis of which the parent has originally contracted to use the Nursery during that year (and including, where appropriate, charges for lunch and/or tea - see section 12 below). If a parent changes to a different pattern of usage, he or she will pay the standard charge corresponding to this revised use of the Nursery with immediate effect1. Details of the monthly fees charges for the current Nursery year are available on request to the Nursery Manager.
    • All Nursery users are required to pay fees for the coming month in full on the first working day of that month. UCL student users and non-UCL users of the Nursery pay fees by cheque to the Nursery Manager. Cheques are to be crossed and made payable to 'University College London'. UCL staff users of the Nursery are requested to pay their Nursery fees by deduction from their monthly salary or via the salary sacrifice scheme: information on these methods of payment is available from UCL's Human Resources Division.

    Student Hardship Fund

    • Registered students of UCL may apply for a refund of part of the Nursery fees from a special Student Hardship Fund. (Full-time UK students are advised to apply for assistance from Access Funds before applying to the Day Nursery Student Hardship Fund). The managers of the Student Hardship Fund reserve the right to vary the level of rebate awarded from the Fund at any time. Applications to the Fund's managers may be made through the Nursery Managers, both while a student is on the Nursery waiting list and upon acceptance of a Nursery place. Parents who may be eligible for the government's Childcare grant scheme or other sources of financial support will only be considered by the Fund managers once the outcome of any application to such funds is known.

    Use of the Nursery by non-UCL staff

    • If a member of UCL staff leaves the employment of UCL or if a student ceases to be a registered student of UCL he/she will cease to be entitled to priority consideration for a Nursery place, i.e. the Nursery Manager has discretion to offer the place instead to a current member of UCL staff or a currently registered student of UCL.

    Registration Deposit

    • On being offered a Nursery place, a parent is required to pay a registration deposit equivalent to one week of projected usage of the Nursery within five working days of the date of the letter offering a place. Failure to pay the deposit will result in the offer of a place being withdrawn. This deposit will be deducted from the first month's fees when the place is taken up at the Nursery. The deposit will not be refunded if the parent subsequently does not take up the place offered.

    Agreement to accept place

    • If a parent is offered a place for his/her child in the Nursery and wishes to accept the place, he/she will be required to sign a contract for use of the Nursery.
    • If, having taken up the place, the parent seeks to withdraw the child from the Nursery, he/she will be required to give two months' written notice of withdrawal to the Nursery Managers and will be required to continue to pay fees in full (though not charges for lunch or tea) to the Day Nursery for up to two months after the date on which written notice is given to the Nursery Managers, until such time as the place has been filled and full fees are being paid for the place.
    • If, for any reason (including illness or holiday), a child is not brought to the Nursery when he/she should be present according to the terms of the signed contract, parents are required to pay the normal fee for days on which the child is absent.
    • Depending upon circumstances, the Nursery Managers have discretionary authority to vary the above obligations.

    Notice of absence

    • If a child is not brought to the Nursery on any day when he/she should be present according to the terms of the signed contract, the parent(s) must inform the Nursery Managers within five days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) of the reason for absence and the expected date of return.

    Termination of child's registration

    • As explained above, parents will be required to give two months' written notice of withdrawal from the Nursery and to continue to pay full Nursery fees throughout that period of notice until the place has been filled and full fees are being paid therefor.
    • The Nursery Managers may, for any cause and at any time, cancel a child's registration upon giving four weeks' notice to the parents.

    Et alia

    • The Nursery is part of the Registry in UCL administration and there is a UCL committee of management, the Committee for the Day Nursery. The membership of the Committee includes staff and student representatives of current users of the Nursery.
    • The staff of the Nursery welcome and appreciate greatly any assistance which parents are able to offer in respect of, e.g., fund-raising projects. Further details of the means of assistance which parents may provide are available from the Nursery Managers.
    • Every effort is made to ensure that children in the Nursery receive a high standard of care.
    • A booklet welcoming new parents and children and containing further information about the Nursery is available on request from the Officer-in-Charge.

    1. It is expected that a child will normally continue to attend the Nursery according to the day(s) stated on the original contract. The Nursery Manager normally requires at least two months' notice to accommodate changes in attendance arrangements.

    2. i.e. including staff who cease to be employed by UCL or students who cease to be registered at UCL during their period of use of the Nursery.

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