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Why SSEES holds the prestigious 'Nash Fellowship'

The Alexander Nash Albanian Studies Programme was initiated on 1 September 1997 after SSEES received a generous bequest from Alexander Nash (formerly Naçi) who passed away in 1995 at the age of 46. Nash obtained a French and Spanish degree at Queens College, University of Oxford. He then worked as a university lecturer, journalist and translator, collaborating amongst other things with the European Commission. His father, Gjenco Naçi, an Albanian who was born in Turkey (1907) and grew up in Greece, had been private secretary of the former Albanian King Zog. Together with his Belgian wife and the Albanian monarch he fled the country in 1939 after the Italians invaded Albania. They first took refuge in France, and when Germany occupied Paris in 1940 they settled in the UK. With his bequest to SSEES, Alexander Nash honoured the wishes of his father (who had died in 1992) to establish a centre for Albanian studies in the UK. He also left his father's and family's archive to SSEES (the Naçi collection), which includes Gjenco Naçi's correspondence as private secretary of King Zog, photographs and memorabilia of the Albanian royal family and the Naçi family.

The Alexander Nash Fellow

On the basis of the conditions of the bequest, SSEES has created the Alexander Nash Fellowship in Albanian Studies. The Alexander Nash Fellow is appointed for a limited period on a fixed-term contract, currently for a maximum of two years.

The Alexander Nash Programme

Albanian Resources

Apart from the Naçi archive, the SSEES library holds an extensive collection of books on Albania as well as a digitized collection of photographs by Margaret Hasluck,
containing numerous images on Albania and other Albanian-inhabited
parts of the Balkans. The SSEES library also maintains a page of internet resources on Albania.