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Our graduates have a unique range of expertise, grounded in advanced methodological training in their chosen discipline and applied to the area studies context. This hybrid profile, which can also include knowledge of one or more languages, is highly sought after by employers as it offers expertise which is intellectually rigorous as well as empirically relevant. 

For more information on opportunities available to SSEES students, please see the SSEES Careers page.

Selected Destinations


Political, economic and social developments in eastern Europe and the accelerating pace of change make students' specialised knowledge attractive to businesses seeking to monitor, enter or expand in these markets. Employers often approach SSEES to promote job opportunities directly to the department's students. SSEES graduates are frequently preferred because of their academic training (often including language skills) and deep knowledge of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

Selected Destinations

Economics & Business

Job Title
Graduate Consultant Arup
Financial Analyst Deloitte
Full-time student MSc in Economics with European Studies at the University of Oxford


Job Title
Full-time student
MPhil in Modern European History at the University of Cambridge
Charity Manager
The Big Give
British Museum

Languages & Culture

Job Title
Russian Cultural Event Organiser Academia Rossica
Parliamentary Researcher UK Parliament
Librarian British Library

Politics & Sociology

Job Title
Project Manager British Film Institute
Parliament Researcher Liberal Democrats
Investment Banking Analyst Citigroup

Postgraduate (Taught)

Popular destinations of our recent graduates include financial institutions, government service, international agencies and non-governmental organisations, the media, teaching, law and consultancy. Examples include the International Monetary Fund, the EBRD, Assistant to the Head of the European Commission; Opera Producer; Government Administrator, Ministry of Defence; Citigroup and many others. Others have pursued further study and research and are now occupying positions in academia.

Selected Destinations

Job Title
Political Research Assistant
Business Analyst
Teaching Assistant
Charterhouse Square School
Equity Research Analyst
The World Bank

Research & PhDs

Recent graduates have found employment in leading UK universities and abroad, as lecturers and researchers; as editors for large publication houses such as Fontanka Publications; as interpreters for organisations such as Service Interpreters; as researchers for government departments and think-tanks including the Samsung Economics Research Institute.

Selected Destinations

Job Title
Research Associate European Centre for Minority Issues
Research Associate
London School of Economics
Research/ Writer
Chambers + Partners
Lecturer in Ukrainian University of Cambridge
Account Administrator Pearson
Teaching Fellow UCL
Senior Lecturer
London Metropolitan
Assistant to the Director of Finance Operations Company Watch Limited
Senior Research Officer National Offender Management Service (UK Government)
Postdoctoral Researcher University of Erfurt, Germany
Research Assistant Strategy, Policy and Review Department (International Monetary Fund)
Lecturer University of Toronto

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