History, Politics & Economics BA

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Economics & Business

Study Economics through the lens of the Emerging Market Economies of Eastern Europe and beyond. 

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Get a broad-based training in History, while learning more about the fascinating history of the SSEES region.

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Languages & Culture

From Russian, to Czech, to Polish, to Finnish... and many others, the opportunities are unrivalled.

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Politics & Sociology

Combining training in politics, sociology and international relations with exciting courses studying the SSEES region.

Module Outlines

Economics & Business Modules

Level 1 modules
SESS1003 - Introduction to Microeconomics
SESS1004 - Introduction to Macroeconomics
SESS1005 - Applied Game Theory for Economics and Business
SESS1006 - Contemporary Issues in International Business
Level 2 & 3 modules
SESS2001 - The Emerging Market Economies of Eastern Europe and Russia
SESS2005 - Topics in Microeconomics
SESS2006 - European Macroeconomics
SESS2009 - New Venture Creation
SESS2010 - Applied Econometrics
SESS2011 - Political Economy of European Integration
SESS2012 - Economic History and Ideas
SESS3001 - Growth and Convergence: With Reference to Eastern European and Russian Economics
SESS3002 - International Trade
SESS3003 - Industrial and Corporate Change with Reference to Central and Eastern Europe
SESS3005 - Topics in Financial Management
SESS3007 - Health Economics and Policy
SESS3008 - Topics in Financial Management II
SESS3009 - The Economics of Entrepreneurship
SESS3010 - International Macroeconomics
SESS3011 - Economics of the Family

History Modules

First-year foundation (‘core’) modules
SEHI1001 - Seminars in History
SEHI1002 - Modern Historiography
SEHI0004 - World Histories
SEHI1004 - Frontiers of History (for HPE students only)
First-year compulsory intermediate module
SEHI0005 - History of Eastern Europe Since 1856
Group 1a (intermediate)
SEHI6006 - History of the Habsburg Monarchy, 1700-1918*
SEHI6008 - History of Russia to 1598
SEHI6009 - History of Russia, 1598-1856*
SEHI6011 - History of Modern Germany 1815-1990
SEHI6012 - SSEES History Taught Short Dissertation with Coursework
Group 1b half-module units (advanced)
SEHI7002 - Fascism and Authoritarianism in Eastern Europe, 1918-1945*
SEHI7004 - Between Politics and Culture: German Ideas, 1890-1970
SEHI7005 - Themes in Romanian History: From Dacians to Democrats
SEHI7008 - The Balkans from Empires to Nation-States
SEHI7009 - The Age of the Extremes in the Balkans
SEHI7010 - History of the Soviet Union
SEHI7011 - Society and Politics in Late Imperial Russia
SEHI7012 - Czechoslovakia in the Age of Extremes
Group 2 (advanced)
SEHI2002 - Crown Church and Estates in Central Europe, 1500-1700*
SEHI2006 - Successors to the Habsburgs: East-Central Europe, 1914-1945
SEHI2007 - The Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia
SEHI2008 - The Fall and the Rise of the Polish Nation, 1648-1921
SEHI2009 - Media, Culture and Society in the Soviet Union from Stalin to 1991
SEHI2010 - Dictatorship as experience. The coexistence of consensus and refusal in the German Democratic Republic.
Group 3 special subjects with dissertation (advanced)
SEHI3005/9005 The Russian Revolution*
SEHI3006/9006 - Ivan the Terrible and the Russian Monarchy in the Sixteenth Century (I & II)
SEHI3007/9007 - Urban Culture and Modernity: Vienna-Prague-Budapest, 1857-1938 (I & II)
SEHI3008/9008 - Mass Culture in an Age of Revolution: Russia 1900-1934 (I & II)
SEHI3009/9009 - Monarchs and the Enlightenment in Russia and Central Europe (I & II)*
Free-Standing Dissertation (advanced)
SEZZ4901 - Free-Standing Dissertation

 * = not running in 2015/16

Politics & Sociology Modules

Level 1 Modules
SESS1102 - Introduction to International Relations
SESS1202 - Understanding Society: Introduction to Social Theory
SESS1203 - Understanding Society: Introduction to Political Sociology
SESS1204 - Communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
SESS1205 - Understanding Politics I: The Big Questions in Contemporary Europe
SESS1206 - Understanding Politics II: How Politics Works
Level 2 & 3 Modules
SESS2101 - The History of European Political Ideas
SESS2102 - Politics and Society in Central and Eastern Europe
SESS2103 - Russian Politics and Society
SESS2104 - The Making of Modern Ukraine
SESS2105 - Democracy and Democratisation
SESS2106 - Comparative Political Analysis
SESS2107 - Researching Politics and Society
SESS2108 - Post-Soviet Politics and Society
SESS2109 - Politics and Societies of Southeast Europe
BASC2052 - Migration and Health
SESS3102 - Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy
SESS3103 - European Security
SESS3107 - Poland in the UK
SESS3202 - Baltic Politics and Society
SESS3203 - Social Change in Central and Eastern Europe

Literature & Culture Modules - East European and Russian 

First Level Modules

SEEE1006 - Literature and Memory

SERS1010 - Russian Short Fiction from Romanticism to Postmodernism

SERS1011 - The Making of Modern Russian Culture

SERS1012 - Representations of Russia

SERS1013 - Russian Cinema: History, Ideology, Society

Intermediate Level Modules (ELCS)

SEEE2006 - How Words Work: Sounds and Sense, Linguistics and Verbal Art (ELCS)

SEEE2007 - How Words Work- Meaning and Modularity (ELCS)

SEEE2008 - Vampires, Society and Culture: Transylvania and Beyond (ELCS)

SEEE2009 - Narratives of Exile* (ELCS) (not running 15/16)

SEEE2010 - Tales of the Unexpected: the supernatural and fantastic in literature, 1800-1930 (ELCS)

SEEE2011 - Languages in Contact along the Danube: Intercultural Frictions and Flows (ELCS)

SEEE2012 - Stories of Change, Formal Experiments and New Waves (ELCS) (not running 15/16)

SEEE2013 - War, Trauma and Memory in East European Cinema (ELCS)

SEEE2015 - Staging Europe

Intermediate Level Modules

SEEP7001 - Contemporary Polish Cinema

SEEF2003 - Finland: Environment, Society, Culture

SEEU1002/ SEEU1003 - Ukrainian Culture and Text

SEEE2009 - Narratives of Exile (not running 15/16)

SEEY2105 - Introduction to Serbian and Croatian Literature

SERS2011 - Russian Poetry from Pushkin to Brodsky [R]

SERS2012 - Russian Cinema: Men and Women

SERS2014 - Chekhov: The Quest for Freedom [R] (not running 15/16)

SERS2020 - The Person, Love and Utopia in Russian Thought

SERS2023 - Identities in Nineteenth- Century Russian Literature [R]

SERS2024 - The Petersburg 'Text' in Russian Literature and Culture: From Romanticism to Modernism [R]

Advanced Level Modules

SEEY4011 - Serbian and Croatian Literature 3

SERS2020 - The Person, Love and Utopia in Russian Thought
SERS4010 - Russian Literature in Revolution: Experiments in Form 1917-53 [R]

SERS4012 - Dostoevskii [R] (not running 15/16)
SERS4014 - Pushkin [R]
SERS4016 - Russian Cinema: Innovation and Experiment [R]
SERS4017 - Contemporary Russian Cinema
SERS4026 - Russian Poetry in the Silver Age [R] (not running 15/16)
SERS4027 - Russian Literature from the Death of Stalin to the Present: Dissent & Discovery [R]

[R] - requires ability to read Russian

Languages Modules for Language Degrees


SERS1001 - Comprehension of Russian (Year 1A) - Ab initio track
SERS1002 - Use of Russian (Year 1A)   - Ab initio track
SERS1003 - Comprehension of Russian (Year 1) - Post A-Level track
SERS1004 - Use of Russian (Year 1) - Post A-Level track
SERS2001 - Comprehension of Russian (Year 2A) - Ab initio track
SERS2002 - Use of Russian (Year 2A) - Ab initio track
SERS2004 - Comprehension of Russian (Year 2) - Post A-Level track
SERS2005 - Use of Russian (Year 2) - Post A-Level track
SERS4001 - Comprehension of Russian (Year 4)
SERS4002 - Use of Russian (Year 4)
SERS4003 - Essay in Russian (Year 4) [R]


SEEB1001 - Bulgarian Language Level 1

SEEB2001 Bulgarian Language Level 2a - Comprehension

SEEB2002 Bulgarian Language Level 2b - Production

SEEB4001-Bulgarian Language Level 3A: Comprehension

SEEB4002 - Bulgarian Language Level 3B: Production


SEEC4011- Czech and Slovak Literature 3
SEEC1001 - Czech Language Level 1
SEEC2001/ SEEC2002 - Czech Language Level 2a - Comprehension/ Czech Language Level 2b - Production
SEEC4001/ SEEC4002 - Czech Language Level 3a- Comprehension/ Czech Language Level 3b - Production
SEEC1004 - Czech Literature 1


SEEF1001 - Finnish Language Level 1
SEEF2001/ SEEF2002 - Finnish Language Level 2a - Comprehension/ Finnish Language Level 2b - Production
SEEF4001 - Finnish Language Level 3a - Comprehension
SEEF4002 - Finnish Language Level 3b - Production


SEEH1001 Hungarian Language Level 1
SEEH2001 Hungarian Language Level 2a Comprehension
SEEH2002 Hungarian Language Level 2b Production
SEEH4001 Hungarian Language Level 3a Comprehension
SEEH4002 Hungarian Language Level 3b Production


SEEP1001 - Polish Language Level 1 
SEEP2001/ SEEP2002 - Polish Language Level 2a - Comprehension/ Polish Language Level 2b - Production
SEEP4001/SEEP4002  - Polish Language Level 3a - Comprehension/ Polish Language Level 3b - Production
SEEP1004 - Polish Literature 1
SEEP4011 - Polish Literature 3


SEER1001 - Romanian Language Level 1
SEER200/ SEER20021 - Romanian Language Level 2a - Comprehension/ Romanian Language Level 2b - Production


SEEY1001 - Serbian/Croatian Language Level 1
SEEY2001/ SEEY2002 - Serbian and Croatian Language Level 2a - Comprehension/ Serbian and Croatian Language Level 2b - Production
SEEY4001/SEEY4002 - Serbian and Croatian Language Level 3a - Comprehension/Serbian and Croatian Language 3b - Production


SEES4001/ SEES4002 - Slovak Language Level 3a - Comprehension/ Slovak Language Level 3b - Production
SEES2004 - Slovak Literature 3


SEEU1001 - Ukrainian Language Level 1
SEEU2001/ SEEU2002 - Ukrainian Language Level 2a- Comprehension/ Ukrainian Language Level 2b - Production
SEEU4001/ SEEU4002 - Ukrainian Language Level 3a - Comprehension/ Ukrainian Language Level 3b - Production

Language Modules at SSEES

SSEES offers a range of 0.5 course unit modules which can be taken by students across UCL. These can also be taken to fulfil the UCL Modern Foreign Language requirement. The run for a whole academic year.

Level A

SEEB1009 Bulgarian A
Czech A
Finnish A
SEEH1009 Hungarian A
SEEP1009 Polish A
Romanian A
Russian A
Serbian/Croatian A
Ukrainian A

Level B

SEEB2109 Bulgarian B*
Czech A*
Finnish A *
SEEH2109 Hungarian A 
SEEP2109 Polish A*
Romanian A*
Russian B
Serbian/Croatian A
Ukrainian A*

Level C

SERS3109 Russian C

* Not expected to run in 2014/15

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