Affiliate Courses

Economics & Business Courses

SESS2001 - The Emerging Market Economies of Eastern Europe and Russia
SESS2005 - Topics in Microeconomics
SESS2006 - European Macroeconomics
SESS2009 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business with Reference to Central and Eastern Europe
SESS2010 - Applied Microeconometrics
SESS2011 - Political Economy of European Integration
SESS3001 - Growth and Convergence: With Reference to Eastern European and Russian Economics
SESS3003 - Industrial and Corporate Change with Reference to Central and Eastern Europe
SESS3005 - Topics in Financial Management I
SESS3007 - Health, Economics and Policy
SESS3008 - Topics in Financial Management II

History Courses

SEHI2002 - Crown Church and Estates in Central Europe 1500-1700
SEHI2006 - Successors to the Habsburgs: East-Central Europe, 1914-1945
SEHI2007 - Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia
SEHI2008 - The Fall and the Rise of the Polish Nation, 1648- 1921
SEHI2009 - Media, Culture and Society in the Soviet Union from Stalin to 1991
SEHI7012 - Czechoslovakia in the Age of Extremes
SEHI6008 - History of Russia to 1598
SEHI6011 - History of Modern German 1815- 1990
SEHI7005 - Themes in Romanian History: from Dacians to Democrats
SEHI7009 - The Age of the Extremes in the Balkans
SEHI7010 - History of the Soviet Union

Languages & Culture Courses

Culture Courses

SEEE1002 - Introduction to East European Literature in Translation: From National Revivals until the Present
SEEE1003 - Introduction to East European Literature in Translation: From National Revivals until the Second World War
SEE1005 - Culture in Eastern Europe- Anthropological Approaches
SEE2006 - How Words Work: Sounds and Sense, Linguistics and Verbal Art
SEE2007 - How Words Work- Meaning and Modularity
SEEE2009 - Narratives of Exile
SEE2010 - Tales of the Unexpected: the supernatural and fantastic in literature, 1800-1930
SEEP7001 - Contemporary Polish Cinema
SEE2005 - Cinema in Eastern Europe
SEEF2003 - Finland: Environment, Society, Culture
SEE1003 - Introduction to East European Literature: from the National Revivals until the 2nd World War
SEEU1002 - Ukrainian Culture and Text


SEEB1010 - Bulgarian Language Level 1


SEEC1001 - Czech Language Level 1


SEEF1001 - Finnish Language Level 1


SEEP1001 - Polish Language Level 1 


SEER1001 - Romanian Language Level 1
SEEY1001 - Serbian and Croatian Language Level 1


SEEU1001 - Ukrainian Language Level 1

Russian Courses

SERS1009 - Russian Level 1
SERS1010 - Russian Short Prose
SERS1012 - Representations of Russia
SERS1013 - Russian Cinema: History, Ideology, Society
SERS1016 - The Making of Modern Russian Culture
SERS2012 - Russian Cinema: Men and Women
SERS2020 - The Person, Love and Utopia in Russian Thought
SERS2024 - The Petersburg 'Text' in Russian Literature and Culture: From Romanticism to Modernism
SERS4016 - Russian Cinema: Innovation and Experiment
SERS4027 - Russian Literature from the Death of Stalin to the Present: Experiment and Emigration
SERS2011 - Russian Poetry
SERS2013 - Bulgakov
SERS4010 - Modern Russian Prose Fiction: 1917 - 41
SERS4012 - Dostoevskii
SERS4014 - Pushkin
SERS4017 - Contemporary Russian Cinema

Politics & Sociology Courses

SESS2101 - The History of European Political Ideas
SESS2102 - Politics and Society in Central and Eastern Europe
SESS2103 - Russian Politics and Society
SEESGS07/ SESS2104 - The Making of Modern Ukraine 
SESS2105 - Democracy and Democratisation
SESS3101 - Comparative Politics
SESS3102 - Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy
SESS3103 - European Security

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