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Key Facts

  • ANTICORRP is a large-scale research project funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program and its largest social sciences' grant (€10 million).
  • The full name of the project is 'Anticorruption Policies Revisited: Global Trends and European Responses to the Challenge of Corruption'.
  • The central objective of ANTICORRP is to investigate factors that promote or hinder the development of effective anti-corruption policies.
  • The project started in March 2012 and will last for five years. The project consists of 21 research groups in 16 EU countries.
  • The project combines global scope with local expertise, using quantitative methods to identify 'over-performing' and 'under-performing' countries in relation to their progress towards less corrupt governance regimes.
  • Special emphasis is placed on EU member states, accession and neighbourhood countries, and developing countries that receive significant EU aid.

UCL's Role

Professor Alena Ledeneva is leader of Pillar 3 - one of four main pillars of the project - which investigates the links of corruption with media and organized crime and focuses on the implications of policy outcomes for specific professional and social groups. It also examines the social and fiscal costs of corruption. She also supervises work packages WP6 and WP9.

Dr Andrew Wilson will take part in research into governance improvement, specifically the positive case of Georgia and the negative case of Ukraine.

Dr Seán Hanley and Dr Allan Sikk will be contributing to work on channels of democratic accountability, focusing in particular on anti-corruption platforms of new anti-establishment political parties across central and eastern Europe using a blend of qualitative and quantitative methods. The FP7 project will run for five years from March 2012 to March 2017.

It is coordinated by Roxana Bratu, the FP7 Research Fellow.

News & Events

Charity Events

'Russian Legal Battles in London'

Thursday 6 June 2013


Pushkin House, London

What are the wider ramifications for Russia and Britain of so many high-profile Russian legal battles being fought in the UK?  Come and hear the issues debated by senior specialists with exceptional first-hand experience, and have your own questions answered about this important and contentious subject. 

The panel will be chaired by Sir Anthony Colman, the judge in the Abramovich-Berezovsky pre-trial.  Speakers will include Robert Brown of Corker Binning, a senior extradition lawyer, Rupert D’Cruz, barrister and Secretary of the British-Russian Law Association, Professor Alena Ledeneva, Professor of Politics at UCL, whose research focuses on corruption and economic crime, and Vladislav Zabrodin, Managing Partner of the Moscow-based law firm Capital Legal Services International.

The BEARR Trust Annual Lecture 2013: "Can Russia Modernise"

25 June 2013

One Exchange Square, London

The BEARR Trust Annual Lecture was hosted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The Head of Communications at EBRD, Jonathan Charles, welcomed the guests and moderated the questions. The event was under the Chatham House rule.

The lecture was followed by a reception, to allow for further discussion and networking with others with an interest in the field.

Public Events

2012 Sakharov Debate: Dissent Today as the Art of the Impossible

6 December 2012


Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London

This year, one year on from the death of Václav Havel, and in the light of a contemporary reinvention of dissident practice in the Arab Spring, the Occupy Movement, Charter 08 in China, and the neo-dissidence of Pussy Riot and others in Russia, we have formulated topics for discussion that pick up on themes from Havel: dissent as the ‘art of the impossible’ and as a point of intersection between politics and aesthetics.

Book Launch: Can Russia Modernise? : Sistema, Power Networks and Informal Governance'

18 March 2013


Launch of Professor Alena Ledeneva's book: Can Russia Modernise ? Sistema, Power Networks and Informal Governance, Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Book Launch: Can Russia Modernise? : Sistema, Power Networks and Informal Governance'

27 March 2013

Sciences Po, Paris

Launch of Professor Alena Ledeneva's book: Can Russia Modernise ? Sistema, Power Networks and Informal Governance, Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Discussant: Marie Mendras, CNRS/CERI-Sciences Po, PSIA Faculty

Chair: Ghassan Salamé, Dean, Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA)

Book Launch: Can Russia Modernise? : Sistema, Power Networks and Informal Governance'

27 March 2013

Carnegie Moscow Center

Launch of Professor Alena Ledeneva's book: Can Russia Modernise ? Sistema, Power Networks and Informal Governance, Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Polish event: 'Recapturing Post-Communist Reluctant Radicals'

22 April 2013


Tackling Corruption in a Globalized World

15 January 2013


Chatham House, London

Corruption plays a pivotal role in many of the world’s most pressing issues - from mass poverty in developing countries to the over-exploitation of natural resources to the erosion of trust in political parties. The panel will identify the main drivers of corruption worldwide and assess the current forms of action to control it, including the role of the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group.

'Shifting Attitudes: Radical Upheaval and its Legacies'

28-29 June 2013



A multitude of factors have been considered as instigators or root causes of the 2008 global financial crisis, and there has been considerable hand-wringing about the obduracy and the growing indelibility of the Crisis and its effects, and a plethora of research into its causes and effects.  In order to address this crucial area, we are hosting at the IAS a conference discussion in 2013 that will focus on “changing attitudes” from an array of perspectives.

Guest Lectures

Laurence Cockcroft

31 January 2013

Laurence Cockcroft is a development economist whose interest and commitment to development in Africa has lasted since his first experience in Nigeria as a volunteer (VSO) in 1962.

Frederik Galtung

7 March 2013

Fredrik Galtung is the chief executive of Integrity Action.

Over the past 20 years, Fredrik has consulted on strategic corruption control in more than forty countries, working with governments, international organisations (Council of Europe, World Bank, UN secretariat, UNDP, UNESCO, Unicef, UN Office of Drugs and Crime, etc.), several companies, foundations and governments and development agencies. Fredrik is considered one of the foremost experts on measurements and metrics pertaining to corruption, fraud and organizational integrity.

Adrian Stones

14 March 2013

Adrian Stone is a Director of Alaco.

His work typically involves an eclectic mix of intelligence-driven assignments for corporate clients and private investors.  He regularly handles assignments in sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian subcontinent and the former Soviet Union, particularly where there is a political dimension to the work.  He travels frequently to Moscow, Washington and New Delhi. 

Lord Triesman: 'Corruption in Sport'

8 March 2013

Lord Triesman is Shadow Spokesperson (Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs).

Training and Development

Transparency International 'Ambient Accountability' Workshop

17-18 February 2013


"Anti-corruption theory and practice: corrupted systems, double standards and informal administration" NIS lecture

2 April 2013


Carte Blanche seminar

Swiss Embassy, Moscow

Roundtable: "Taboos on Corruption"

14 June 2013

King's Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Doctoral Training Centre (KISS-DTC)

EIPA Leaning and Development seminar: "EU-Russia Relations: mutual challenges, risks and opportunities"

20-21 June 2013

European External Action Service (EEAS), Brussels

"Corruption, Anti-Corruption, Public Service and the Future of the State"

24 June 2013

Goodenough College
John Smith Memorial Trust Fellowship Programme for the Former Soviet Union countries

Ukraine Crisis

Media Presence

Listen to Alena Ledeneva and Roxana Bratu on the complexities of corruption:

Alena Ledeneva, BBC World Service, Newshour, 'The Grey World of Corruption'

Roxana Bratu, Radio World Service, Burning Point: The Voice of Russia, 'Corruption Revisited'