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UCL SSEES enrols over 150 new postgraduate students each year, offering an exciting range of MA and MRes degrees across our four programme areas. As well as traditional one year programmes, we offer a fantastic two-year International Masters (IMESS), involving one year spent at a top university in the SSEES region. Watch our IMESS video.

'GUM', Moscow

Economics & Business

Discipline-based training, drawing on the experiences of the emerging market economies of Europe and Asia. 

Parliament building, Budapest


The SSEES history MA is especially rich in courses exploring the relationship between power and culture. 

Gorky Park, Moscow

Languages, Literature & Culture

A range of innovative area studies and interdisciplinary MA programmes.

Ukraine's 'Orange Revolution' (2004).png

Politics & Sociology

Study the political and social developments of post-communist Europe in both depth and breadth. 

Module Outlines

Economics & Business Modules

History Modules

SEESGH06 - Little Hitlers? Right Radicalism in Central and Eastern Europe, 1900-1945
SEESGH16 - The Crisis Zone: Central Europe 1900-1990
SEESGH73 - The Culture of Russian Revolutionary Terrorism 1866-1914
SEESGH01 - Fashions, Folly and the Fatherland in Polish Culture, 1730-1834
SEESGH13 - The Soviet Cultural Experiment I, 1917-1945
SEESGH72 - Russian Monarchy: Court Ritual and Political Ideas, 1498-1917
SEESGH08 - Metropolis: History of Berlin 1871-1990
SEESGH12 - Religion in South-Eastern Europe: From the Age of Empires to Post-Communism
SEESGH07 - Historical Methods and Approaches

For the full range of SSEES MA options please see our comprehensive course booklet.

Languages & Culture Modules

Culture Modules

SEESGE18 - All Quiet on the Eastern Front: Culture, Politics and Everyday Life in Central &Eastern Europe from Stalin to Present
SEESGE09 - Bakhtin and others: Alterity, Identity and Dialogue
SEESGE16 - Folly, Disaffection and Dystopia in Twentieth-Century Hungarian Literature
SEESGE11 - History, Myth and Nation in South Eastern Europe
SEESGE20 - The Jews in Polish Culture: Beyond Stereotypes
SEESGE08 - Walter Benjamin: Philosophy, Aesthetics, History, Politics
SEESGE94 - Linguistic Methods
SEESGE95 - Literary and Cultural Theory

Bulgarian Language

SEESGE70 - New Language: Bulgarian

Czech Language

SEESGE71 - New Language: Czech
SEESGE61 - Intermediate Language: Czech

Estonian Language

SEESGE80 - New Language: Estonian
SEESGE90 - Intermediate Language: Estonian

Finnish Language

SEESGE72 - New Language: Finnish
SEESGE62 - Intermediate Language: Finnish

Hungarian Language

SEESGE73 - New Language: Hungarian
SEESGE63 - Intermediate Language: Hungarian

Polish Language

SEESGE74 - New Language: Polish
SEESGE64 - Intermediate Language: Polish

Romanian Language

SEESGE75 - New Language: Romanian

Serbian/Croatian Language

SEESGE76 - New Language: Serbian and Croatian
SEESGE66 - Intermediate Language: Serbian and Croatian

Slovak Language

SEESGE77 - New Language: Slovak

Ukrainian Language

SEESGE79 - New Language: Ukrainian

For the full range of SSEES MA options please see our comprehensive course booklet.

Russian Modules

SEESGR04 - The Nineteenth-Century Russian Novel
SEESGR19 - Soviet Cinema and Society from the Khrushchev 'Thaw' to the Collapse of the Soviet Union: End of the Radiant Future
SEESGR20 - Contemporary Russian Cinema and Society since the Collapse of the Soviet Union: The Journey into the Unknown
SEESGR61 - Russian Cinema: Epochs and Genres
SEESGR26 - Nabokov and Russian Émigré Literature
SEESGR24 - Gender and Sexuality in Modern Russian Culture
SEESGR23 - Ire, Irony, Ideology: Satire and Humour in Russian Culture
SEESGR62 - Being Soviet. Typologies of Soviet Identity in Russian Cinema 1917-1956
SEESGR10 - New Language: Russian
SEESGR11 - Intermediate Language: Russian
SEESGR13 - Upper Intermediate: Russian *** NEW for 2014! ***
SEESGR12 - Advanced Language: Russian

For the full range of SSEES MA options please see our comprehensive course booklet.

Politics & Sociology Modules

SEESGS45 - Advanced Qualitative Methods
SEESGS37 - Cities in Eastern Europe
SEESGS32 - Security, Identity, Polarity: The Contemporary Debates
SEESGS07 - The Making of Modern Ukraine
SEESGS53 - The Politics of Change in the Baltic States
SEESGS42 - Theories of Social and Political Research
SEESGS61 - Politics of South-Eastern Europe Since 1990
SEESGS56 - Politics of Transition and Integration in Central and Eastern Europe
SEESGS64 - Post-Soviet Politics
SEESGS18 - Russian Foreign Policy since 1917
SEESGS19 - Russian Politics
SEESGS34 - Nation, Identity and Power in Central and Eastern Europe
SEESGS75 - People and Populations: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
SEESGS59 - Comparative Analysis in Social and Political Research
SEESGS36 - Cultural Anthropology of South-Eastern Europe
SEESGS60 - Empires, Nationalism and Communism: States and Societies of South-Eastern Europe
SEESGS63 - Understanding and Analysing Data

For the full range of SSEES MA options please see our comprehensive course booklet.

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